Jobs in logistics, supply chain & merchandising


I'm looking for a job in logistics, supply chain or merchandising in Cairo. Any tips please?

Thank you


try to google it and you will find good information's.

Hi jasmine,

Do not hesitate to drop an advert along with your cv in the Jobs in Cairo section of the website.

All the best

Dear Jasmine,

Have you heard of Sekem? It's an eco village. There is an organic cotton factory for children's clothes there. They may have a job opening as merchandiser.

Contart me as soon as you person to work for you please

Contact this number xxx

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Hello everyone,

@ Model Seeker, whose number was it ? Can you please provide us with some information about this number ?

If you have a job offer, it will be better to drop an advert in the jobs in Cairo section of the website.

All the best,

Hi Jasmine,
there is group on facebook  called Tawzef Masry
its post about jobs in egypt in arabic and english too
you can give a look, it could be helpful
Good luck :)

try Linkdin website

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