Any Koreans in Cairo ?!

If you're Korean in Cairo contact me

Hi Lou melas,

Welcome to! :)

Could you please introduce yourself and tell us about your expat project here?

Thank you,

I'm Lou
Libyan live in Egypt for studying
I study engineering architecture
I want to meet new friends
I love Korea & would like to live there and I want to meet new Korean friends , so If anyone Korean in Cairo I hope they contact me 🌚💚

Hi ..Monim zidan director and script writer ..from cairo ... nice to meet you

안녕하세요...^^ Are you still finding korean friend? I am a korean and live in new cairo..

Hello Hoseok!! I'm Raghad and I live in New Cairo, too!! My friend and I were looking for someone to help teach us Korean. If you can help us out let me know! And let's be friends!

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