New airline flying to PR

Hi gang,
I wanted to spread some good news for those of you who travel between Puerto Rico and New York.  I just read in Newsday online that National Airlines will have flights from Islip McArthur to San Juan and Aguadilla, starting July 1. 

This is interesting and bizarre. Flights from New York leave from Ronkonkoma, Long Island which is over 50 miles from Manhattan (on the L.I.E no less). National has a special fair during July, $250 r/t. National also flies from Orlando but the fair in July is $476 (from Orlando??). The positive is the hours for departure and arrival are reasonable (versus red eye flights on United). So, it'll be a boon to folks living halfway out to the tip of Long Island who want to got to Rincon. So who are these folks?? Maybe the folks in the Hamptons what to take a break from their pristine existence and experience the rough and ready Rincon.

There are many Long Islanders who fly between New York and Puerto Rico.  Islip McArthur  is a great airport. It is owned by the Town of Islip.  No lines. Inexpensive parking. If you are a resident of Islip, you park for free.  When I lived on Long Island (not in the Hamptons)  I always preferred to fly out of this airport.  I have been bugging the Town Supervisor for years, to get direct flights to PR.

Sounds like it may be a good option for many!

Bring it to Texas!!

If flights from NY to florida can be 100, i dont understand 400+ from Florida to PR other than taking advantage of people.

Hey!  That's me!!!  Fifteen minutes away from the airport, Town of Islip resident so free parking!  Woo Hoo!!! I'll definitely check it out.

Southwest also flies to and from MacArthur/Islip Airport, but you've got to visit Baltimore en route. 

So, Frogrock!  You coming home for a visit soon?

Thinking of going to New York in July to visit friends.

Wow! I was ignorant about the usefulness of this airport! Great for you people in Long Island. Congratulations and let us know after July 1st how the trips are. I will envy the flight times!

Cost me $360 and I live in Florida. Flight and layovers really sxxx. I end up in N Carolina on the way back, this is from Miami to NC, then back to Jacksonville Florida.  Best layover, but I hope the weather is good in NC.

Frogrock, I loveeeeeeeeeee Islip Airport. It was less than 30 mins from where we lived in Selden and it has come a long way since the two gate airport of yesteryear.  It is FABULOUS.

I had to pay parking since I wasn't a Town of Islip resident but I didn't mind. Anything so I wouldn't have to go to JFK or LGA.  If only Jet Blue flew out of there, that would be great.

I will be sure to look up National Airlines fort my next trip back to LI to visit the grandbabies.  Thanks for the info.


I personally don't understand why southwest doesn't have a terminal at bqn anyways

Because they make more money there way,

The dazzling city surrounded by New Jersey and Pennsylvania to the south and Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont to the east. I had a great time to NYC with my family, which I booked flight ticket with Qatar Airways. It was an amazing experience in the flight with business class hospitality and excellent food service management during my journey.

Frogrock, thank you so much for the info
I have flown out of this airport quite a few times to
West palm beach, love them.
Now to think i can fly from S.juan to macarthur is fabulous.
And @tht price even better...
Thank you for shariing that w/us. (*.*)

FYI: Just bought one way tickets from BQN to EWR during April for $160 a ticket. Okay price.

I just tried to book a flight on National from SJU to ISP and that option did not pop up.  Further investigation revealed that they were delaying the service because they did not yet have planes for this route.  I hope they will get it together by September.

That's bad news. I was hoping to use them this summer to visit friends (and take a side-trip to Stanley's).

That's a bummer but have you tried United into JFK from Aguadilla or are you on the east side of the island. My hubby took them and it was a pretty good deal about a year ago. However, I think he had to fly into Newark.

Well anyway, keep us up to date on National. I also would like info to fly into ISP.  Thanks and take care.


Hi Tonie,

We'll be staying on the east side of the island, so leaving from SJU is our best way to go.  We'll most likely take Southwest to Islip with a stop/switch in Baltimore.  We live a mere ten minutes away from ISP and would much rather fly into that airport than JFK or LGA. 

I will watch National's website carefully before making my plans, though, and post any news here.

I wish more airlines in general would fly to BQN!

Good morning,

         I also love ISP, we used to live in Selden and it took us maybe 20-30 min.s to get there and it has come a long way.  I remember when there was only a couple of gates and a small coffee shop when you entered the terminal and you used to have to go outside and up the stairs of the plane.

         I very rarely would go to JFK or ugh LGA but would have to for international flights but someday maybe they will go out of ISP.  I am looking forward to going to Long Island soon and hope to fly into ISP but will have to fly out of SJU, but no worries, My daughter lives in Medford which is about 20 mins. away also. I just love to fly anywhere, I will get on a plane in a drop of a hat.

Take care,


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