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Mornin' pats,

Having recently arrived, finally here, I was wanting to pick the experts brains to see where the best place is here for a good Friday brunch buffet to get some fresh air  for a few hours

I saw this thread, … 89&p=3
which was last active 2013, I was asking if there are any updates or recent reviews?

cheers guys n gals!

I have just found this,

any feedback, if anyone has been here?

XL Beach Club Friday brunch.

Leave Al Khobar 4am, just in time for their brunch.

sounds like a plan!!

Same guy 2 handles 🤔

yup emails issues pal!

Try the Cornish in Al Khobar on a Friday....many places...just depends on how much you want to spend and what kind of food you're looking for. Google Al Khobar'll find some nice places.
The Chinese Tandori past the Sofitel Hotel on the left near the gym is delicious. Also the hotels put on some lovely brunches......Meridian Hotel isn't bad, but there are many alternatives. Sorry I'm a bit late in replying to this one, but I hope it helps you a little for next Friday.

Hi Peter, I have just come across your post regarding brunch, I have just arrived last week and looking to do the same this weekend and wondered if you found anywhere, also anywhere that has an outside pool that you can go to as a day pass to use the pool.


I have enjoyed the Muju and Crown plaza brunches in Bahrain. Both have pools and usually have fun crowds.

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