Dublin: 3rd best European city for foreign investment

Looking for new business opportunities in Europe? Why not turn to Dublin? Find out more...

Since a few years, Dublin has been attracting more and more foreign direct investment. This is how it now ranks as the 3rd best European cities for investment after London and Paris among a total of 294 European metropolis, according to the latest study European Cities and Regions of the Future 2016/17 conducted by fDi Magazine, a subsidiary of Financial Times. The Irish capital city thus jumped from its 5th rank in 2014/2015.

Dublin especially owes its economic rise to the IT sector which has known consequent growth since the past few years. In fact, software and information and communication technology have attracted more than 45% of the city's FDI between 2010 and 2014, which has also fostered the creation of new projects along with many jobs in the sector during the same period.

Moreover, several major US companies such as Google, Amazon and IBM have a strong presence in Dublin. This has also been attracting many IT professionals.

So why not try your luck there as well?

It's just the tax policies that the Government attracting them at the expense of other countries. Most Multinationals are using a cheap labor scheme called job bridge which effectively allows them paying an ordinary graduate a decent wage because they can take someone from the unemployed at half the cost. So I would encourage any expats planning to locate here to think twice about re-locating here given the rising costs of living and the fact wages remain poor in comparison to Germany for Multinational labor.

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