Retired chef/baker

I am retiring to Banjul in April '16. I am looking for a Chef position in the tourism industry or contemplating starting a bakery

Wish u all the best


Perhaps Google search for the bigger hotels and then contact them.

I'd try holiday beach club they could do with a proper chef the other can't even boil an egg.


I would say open a bakery/sandwich shop from what I have seen there isn't any and I was talking about this in January when I was there. I'm going back to Gambia 18th march for a month.

I worked in Gambia for 2 years a chef and I can tell you that bakery will work and u can even supply hotels
but find a job in hospitality will not be easy
good luck

Thanks your reply was most welcomed. Well I will be in Banjul in mid April to May and will keep you updated

Did you manage to start your bakery business and how did you get on with looking for a job
I am presently in The Gambia and would like to discuss with you the possible venture within the bakery side of your profession as the appears to be a need.
Could you contact me in order that we can discus this further.
Mike Brown


How is your venture going in Gambia. Please keep us updated. I will be in Gambia in August 2017

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