Looking for expats to hang out in Huizhou

I am looking to make friends in China and to hang out.


Hi Alienfink,

Maybe you can tell us a bit about yourself? How long are you in Huizhou?

Thank you,

Hi Alienfink,

I am living in Guangzhou,and employed international relocation company.I would like to chat with you.

Hi Ivan how are things going. What would to chat about?

Hi Alienfink,let's talk about HUIZHOU ?How do you feel HUIZHOU and the food is good here.Right?

Hi guys I have been in Huizhou for 2 months now. I love the food here its great and I have even tried the streetfood here (still OK). I am still trying to learn how to get around using the bus system, its hard since I cannot read Chinese characters. I usually walk. The city center seems to be small and nothing much to do there. Been to west lake its really crowded on weekends. Like to know if anyone wants to hang out and just chat over tea. Lots of places yet unseen.

Yeah,buddy. HUIZHOU is like a home town,no pollution,traffic jam, fresh air,clean water,nice food..every things is green here.but no much supermarket,it is inconvenience to buy something.You should buy a bike to go any where.

The place I am staying there is a supermarket. Also there is a Walmart that has imported items. Shenzhen is about 1hr bus ride away if really need something extraordinary. Just went to HK and its seems there are 4 ports. Don't know the route so well so kinda messy over there. I went from one port and return using another port. Things to learn. Also started learning the written language which is going be alittle of time consumer.

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