place to stay in tangier

Im looking for a place to stay for about one month. My spenditure is between 0-2000 mad for the month.

Have you done a Google search yet. I suggest that you type in 'guesthouses Tangier' into your search engine and see what is available. As you are looking to stay for a month you may be able to negotiate a price.

I have. Almost all the available apartments are long term rent. I also contacted a few (5-10) agents and they outcomes was contact a simsar when i get there

Would you consider tetouan. 1/2 hour drive to tangiers?

Hello everyone,
I am for a tiny, little room in Tangier or Rabat
or a shared room

1000-1500 is my budget

thank you :)

Hi Gabija919,

Could you please drop an advert in the dedicated section of the website ?

- Housing in Morocco

All the best,

You will be able to find in Asilah

I t might be possible in Asilah , if you the location suites you

Yes, Asilah is close, but I am really looking for Tangier

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Welcome to tanger is a great city..and enjoy


short or long term rental?

Hey my dear, we are renting out for that price. Get in touch if you are interested.

WhatsApp me with the info at ***

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Hi lets keep communication via

any questions just drop me a direct message.

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