place to stay in tangier

Im looking for a place to stay for about one month. My spenditure is between 0-2000 mad for the month.

Have you done a Google search yet. I suggest that you type in 'guesthouses Tangier' into your search engine and see what is available. As you are looking to stay for a month you may be able to negotiate a price.

I have. Almost all the available apartments are long term rent. I also contacted a few (5-10) agents and they outcomes was contact a simsar when i get there

Would you consider tetouan. 1/2 hour drive to tangiers?

Hello everyone,
I am for a tiny, little room in Tangier or Rabat
or a shared room

1000-1500 is my budget

thank you :)

Hi Gabija919,

Could you please drop an advert in the dedicated section of the website ?

- Housing in Morocco

All the best,

You will be able to find in Asilah

I t might be possible in Asilah , if you the location suites you

Yes, Asilah is close, but I am really looking for Tangier

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