Horse riding in Dhaka ?

HI, i am moving from Ghana to Dhaka, and I was looking for a place where I could ride horses in Dhaka or near by.
Any tips.

Horse is very rare here in Dhaka as a mega city. But you can ride in a horse at Coxbazar or beaches. It is far away from Dhaka. It is not easier to find horse to ride.

well horse ride in bangladesh what you call horse ride is nto aveilable but,,,,,,you can get horse and ride  like fotball field.

Hi Anna, moving to Dhaka? How was Ghana? What is bringing you here?
About the horse riding, there aren't any horse riding club. We do have horses here, I would suggest you buy one, it's cheap and ride it and can sell it off when you leave.
When do you plan to move in Dhaka?

I should be moving to Dhaka this month.
Have you managed to find anything related to horse riding in Dhaka?

Horse love it...last month i'm attending one kinds of that...when u will be in there..u can contact & then i can give u some information about that...
take care...

Let me be practical. We dont have any horse riding club at Dhk, neither do we offer something like  "horse on sell/sale/whatsoever". Sorry to day but we don't have such facility in Dhk. As for the previous replies, some of those are indeed helpful. E.g. you can ride horse at CXB but thats like a tourist on beach. And at Old Town of Dhk, you can rent  a horse cart too. But plz be reminded, no buying option as a pet and also no Club or Lane or Park for that.
Hope it helps.

Horse riding in Dhaka,,

And if you can keep it “healthy” long enough, as you leave Bangladesh I will buy it. There you have it, one sure buyer.

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