Schools or Homeschool tutor in the Rincon area?

Hi My name is Kelly and I am currently teaching for 15 years in NJ.  My husband and I are trying to make the move to either Rincon or Aguadilla or somewhere in between.  I am trying to figure out my best options for teaching in that area as I am not fluent in Spanish.  I know there is a school on the base, but I also know getting a job there is difficult.  Are there any other English speaking school within a reasonable driving distance?  From what I have been reading, it seems like there are quite a few families that do homeschooling.  Do you think there would be a need for homeschool tutors in that area.

Good day.  I live in Rincon and can answer questions that you have.  As for English only schools. Rincon has a school called without walls academy off of 413.  If you speak no Spanish Rincon is definitely the place for you.
Even aguadilla. Doesn't have as many English speaking people even though the base is located there.  Anasco and Acura both boarder Rincon .Prices are definitely cheaper then Rincon.  However if you come to Rincon when snowbirds aren't here prices are inexpensive and a large selection of places.  I speak no Spanish and we have lived in several area's of Puerto Rico .This is far by the best for English speaking people.  We have a 3 bedroom 2 bathrooms with water included with a cistern and solar hot water tank. Ocean views from the back and front of the house and we pay $500 a month .We are in the mountains area of Rincon called cruces. We are 10 mins from beaches town center and the supermarket.  Please feel free to private message me with any questions

What do you teach? We might be moving to Cabo Rojo and I was planning on homeschooling our daughter myself, at least until she needs high school coursework. I could see using a homeschooling tutor for specific subjects or in the later years. Maybe you could lead some homeschooling group lessons/meetings. You might even start or join a co-op.

That's exactly what I was thinking!  I currently teach 8th grade science and technology, but am certified K-8.  It seems like there are limited options for English speaking families in that area.

May I ask if you have made the move? If so, have you found a way to tutor for homeschoolers? We are considering moving to the Aguadilla area and I am considering homeschooling. Any advice if you've made the leap? My son is starting kindergarten this year so I know it's out of your preferred range, but I might need all the help I can get 😊

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