I need a invitation letter


Please can someone provide or guide me on how to easily obtain invitation letters to enable me and my friends apply for a Canadianh business or tourist visa?

Invitation letters should only be obtained from legitimate well-known friends or contacts.  Don't expect anyone on a internet forum to offer one to stranger(s).  The legal consequences are too great.

Hi Remy,

Thanks for the response. I will highly appreciate if anyone could provide someone could help give me some reliable contacts.

Hello Billions,

Just remember that a Letter of Invitation for purposes of obtaining visas carry with them a number of very serious civil and criminal obligations.

1.  The individual issuing the letter must guarantee the financial sufficiency of the "invitee" for the duration of their stay in Canada. This means they'd have to support you financially if you ran out of funds.

2.  The sponsor would also be legally responsible to ensure that you leave the country when your visa stay expires, or would face criminal charges.

Note that any false Letter of Invitation, false or misleading statements or omission of relevant information in a Letter of Invitation will result in refusal of the visa, and possibly refusal of any future applications as well. It can also result in criminal charges against both the sponsor and "invitee" since it is considered immigration fraud. Also charging any fee, or offering any payment for a Letter of Invitation is a criminal offense in Canada.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) will be looking for some provable relationship between the sponsor and "invitee", such as being a close family member, long-term close friends, employer/employee relationship. If such a relationship cannot be clearly established it's likely you would not receive a visa or be allowed entry to Canada at any rate.

Clearly, obtaining a Letter of Invitation is not something that's going to happen for you here on, since nobody will accept those responsibilities for a complete stranger.

James Experts Team

Hi James,

Thanks for the insight. Though, I know there are many immigration consultant out there whom are legally recognized in handling immigration matters. So if i come to expat, its my hope that i could possible someone with such legal rights to attend to my request. if there is any out there, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Hi Billions,

Just remember that even Citizenship and Immigration Canada warns on their official government website to be careful not to deal with unregistered and disreputable immigration consultants. Perhaps the following topic thread will be of interest to you:

James Experts Team

Hi James,
I highly appreciate your concern and advise. I am very much aware and will check on the list of immigration consultants to be sure.


Hey @James,

Let's leave this one alone and not feed the troll.

If you planning  to visit Canada on tourist visa you will need to show sufficient funds to sustain yourself while in Canada, as well as where you are going to stay and how you are going to cover yourself in case of emergency.
If you have a parent, a relative or a boyfriend who is willing to cover your expenses while in Canada you may need special sponsorship form from Canadian immigration
I suggest, dont compromisse your admission just bringing vage, un-specific other writing type

Thanks for the insight

Hello, Well base on my experienced you'll be needing a stable job and certification or any documents that you have a job to come back from your place. And you need to show any bank statement, any Income and home tie. This well prove you can afford being a tourist on that place.

Thanks for the concern. highly appreciated. I do have all those requirements.

Dear members,

Everything has been clearly explained on this topic. For further questions about your expat project, i invite you to start a new thread on the forum.

Thank you.

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