Renting and/or buying a car in Al Khobar

Just wondering, is it possible to rent or buy a car without an Iqama? Currently on a Business working visa as my Iqama is processing and will be processing for the next couple months, perhaps longer. So just wondering if it is possible to purchase or rent a vehicle without an Iqama? IF so, where and how can I do this?


If you have an International driving license, you can rent a car on a daily basis...

And if I have UAE driving licence then?

awaiting replies friends

Yeah would love to know the answer to this also, I have a UK driving license.........

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I have arrived here and one through this...

So, the end result is If you don't have IQAMA you cant rent a  car. Even if you have anyother recognized licence.

You can only rent i one case if any of your friend who has saudi licence make agreement with renting company on his name and then you can drive that car.

Does anyone know of the best Rental Car companies? Which ones are the cheapest companies to rent from? I am looking for a 4 door car to rent per month...

You can choose from BEST, BUDGET or AVIS.

Renting a car for a period of time is possible at the airport without a residency permit. You need your passport, international driving license and your invitation letter from the company.

Best is the better company as well as Avis. Avis it's used a lot by expats coming here for business.

Post back if you have problems and I'll ask around for something.

Good hunting

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