Essentials to live in Nigeria


As an expat living in Nigeria, what would you advise the ones about to pack to bring along?

What are the items you can easily find in Nigeria? On the other hand, what is less common or quite expensive?

Share with us what you would recommend to bring in one’s suitcase or container when moving to Nigeria.

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hello, Christin
According to me, if want to go Nigeria for living then take your goods according to your need and other thinks you can buy online.
You can find everything in Nigeria very easily because now you can buy all things at you home door with one click. that is online shopping.
I will give you a site name where you get all thing like travel tickets, shopping, online food, beauty cosmetic etc with discount rates by using discount coupons which are also availed in this. you can visit "" I hope you like it.

hello, Christin
Nigeria you can buy anything you want at a price cheaper than anywhere in the world
The main reason guys Nigerians steal credit cards wherever they are in the world quickly buy products until the card is blocked and after they have a sufficiently large amount of container products they send their brothers to turn it into cash quickly and inexpensively sales between traders in the markets
Now that you know all you need is the following formula when you want to buy a product in Yoruba selling price will distribute the ten and it would be explained if this price Igbo then distribute the cost in three and one-third will pay the right price
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Hi, if moving there as an expat, take your clothes. They have malls, shoprite which supply all foodstuffs as long as you are in Lagos or Abuja everything is available. Milk is all longlife and all water must come out of a bottle.

Bonjour Christine,
I assume you are french so am I.
I have been living in Abuja for over a year now and you can find almost everything here.
Of course french wines and cheeses are more more expensive (+40%) as well as any imported products except cigarettes and alcools.
The quality of the meat (missing duck) is not the one we are used to so bring tenderizer salt to make it suitable.
You'll hardly find any french delicatessen but there are some good italian ones, further decent pickles, anchovy, mustard "à l'ancienne" are missing.
Here we are,
Let me know if you have further enquiries,
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What about Ikoyi? How is the life there?

Is it safe to buy online?
Do you use a credit card or pay on delivery?
Which sites do you recommend?

Thank you

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