Essentials to live in Lebanon


As an expat living in Lebanon, what would you advise the ones about to pack to bring along?

What are the items you can easily find in Lebanon? On the other hand, what is less common or quite expensive?

Share with us what you would recommend to bring in one’s suitcase or container when moving to Lebanon.

Thank you in advance,


I've been living here about 4 years and I think they have about everything in Lebanon. And also stuff we don't have at home (diff food).
Only a few Swedish things,like specific food, I'll miss when am here, that I can't find, since they only have them in Sweden. But I can count the items on 1 hand...
Its hard to tell what's more expensive here then outside, you mean if ur eating out or buying cloths, furniture etc. I think the cloths and other stuff are as expensive as in my home country.  Food from supermarket is slightly less expensive. Eating out is not cheap, if it's in a normal restaurant, on the other hand u can find cheap fast food places of many kinds that are cheap.

Best of luck!

Tampons. Bring your tampons, they don't exist here.

I found tampons. In several supermarkets...


Can you please say where and the brand?

Oh shit saw this msg now. Sorry for late reply.
But foe example : Spinneys Dbayeh
They even have it at small supermarket where I live in Kaslik. And at pharmacies
Brand:  Kotex

How about an Uber application in your smartphone.

Cab drivers live to rip off the unaware.

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