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That is the mirror image of what I have with MailBox Etc....there is an CPS location here as well so I will go sign up with them and see what happens....Guess my confusion is in reading some saying they had something sent straight here and also something about 2 days to get here....So I will assume that at least a week plus, perhaps two....


Actually we talked to the owner of the CPS here in Sosua and he had us send a package (our replacement credit cards) directly to him here via UPS.  It took two days.  Not normal for them but if  you have a relationship with them anything is possible.

Other wise figure on a week once the package is registered in Miami.

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Hello.  You mentioned Dominican shipping companies.  Can you please give me the names of any or tell me where I'd find information on them?  I'd like to buy items here in the U.S. that are more costly down there and have them shipped there.  Thank you

Remember you will pay 28% tax (minimum) on anything you ship here.  Add that to the actual shipping cost and it may not be cheaper to buy  here.

We use CPS for our shipping.

Bob K

casmichele just noticed that this was your first post.  Let me say welcome to the forum.  Lots of good folks here and lot of information.  Read, read and read some more.

You might want to introduce yourself.  Where are you living here?  Where did you come from?  What made you make the decision and such.  We look forward to your participation on the board.

Again welcome!


Yes welcome.   Remember that the 28% is not always that amount,   18% is our value added tax and  the duty can be up to 40% of the assessed value.   AND  that kicks in for anything valued at over US 200. 

The companies  CPS,  Business Mail.... are the 2 I know.  I have used CPS for over 9 years now.

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I would be grateful if you could advise of an optician in Sosua or Cabarete.  Since arriving here I've developed a strange thing.  I;ve been doing a lot of reading and now all of a sudden I have the impression of an insect flying inside my left eye.  Are there specialists in the area?  Many thanks.


Sorry this one I can't help with. I know there is a doctor across from the Claro office in Puerto Plata that some here use and not sure if he is an MD or Optician.  You might post this question on DR1 North coast forum

Bob K

There are a number of specialists in HOMS  (Metropolitan Hospital of Santiago). … e_Santiago

On the topic of mildew...the first two days of my visit to our casa over Christmas was spent wiping EVERYTHING down with bleach...stinky but necessary to get the mildew that had formed on everything wooden. The sun does wonders for freshening things too!

I think we will be purchasing a dehumidifier to set up in the back bedroom with all the pillows, linens, cushions...etc... when we are gone for months and hopefully, that will solve it.  Plus we'll have the portable dehumidifier to run in the house  to cut down on humidity.  Normally it's not the temperature at night that makes it uncomfortable, just the humidity.  Has anyone tried this??  Advice?

Oh, and we took the closet doors off for exactly that reason...and I will be bringing those IKEA (or buying them there...if they have them in stock) Panel Curtains that run on a track, to obscure the contents of the closet but still allow air flow...

Thanks for your post. There was a bunch of useful  information. I was wondering if you knew the names for any of the Dominican owned shipping companies? I will be moving  fairly soon and I have a few things that I would like shipped. Any help you could give would be wonderful. Thank you sp much.


Luchiano in Miami. Friends send me stuff,(big boxes, blu barrels atc.)  several times a year.

Thanks for the info. Every bit is appreciated as there is so much to do and not enough time to do it!

Great info - does anyone have names of Dominican shippers - I will have clothes and smaller items plus a Can-Am Spyder  (three wheel motorcycle) to ship fro Glendale Arizona....

Just saw the name Luchiano above. I will try to google them and see what they offer. Cheers..

Pretty sure you will have some issues with 3 wheel scooter honey. Ask about the cost a d duties!!!

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