Essentials to live in Argentina


As an expat living in Argentina, what would you advise the ones about to pack to bring along?

What are the items you can easily find in Argentina? On the other hand, what is less common or quite expensive?

Share with us what you would recommend to bring in one’s suitcase or container when moving to Argentina.

Thank you in advance,


Hi, I would definitely recommend that you bring as many of your favorite books (novels) as you can. There's an extremely limited number of books in English and I do mean extremely limited. There's no way to order books from abroad due to import/export laws. I've heard the current president is trying to change that but so far nothing has happened.

Bring your own Smartphone, laptops, tablets, MP3 players. If you can also bring your own power converter. You can buy them here but it's easier if you bring one with you. If you're planning on staying here long-term and you're into video games or are an avid DVD collector, fair warning, a lot of the stuff sold here is bootleg and won't play on players or game consoles from the States. I had this issue when I first moved here and it was a pain.

If you're planning on going to school in Argentina you'll need to have all of your transcripts and diplomas from high school and college notarized and apostilled before moving here. The Embassy will not provide them for you. Plus, these are very important if you're going to apply for work here. Of course you'll need to have the documents translated once you get here.

If you're considering Argentine residency, I recommend that you get an FBI background check done first. Then have it notarized and apostilled as well. If you're married, notarize and apostille your marriage license as well. We learned the hard way what a pain this could be.

Keep in mind that if you're over the age of 30, finding work here can be an obstacle. Argentina has no laws that prevent employers from discriminating against age or gender when looking for potential candidates.

If you have IT experience, you'll likely have a better chance of finding work. If you're from the States and are considering teaching English here, keep in mind that private institutions and universities teach British English and not American English and yes! There are subtle differences, particularly with the way words are pronounced. I tried giving a student who was studying at one of the language schools private lessons but I taught him American English and it really messed him up when it came time for him to take tests and things like that.

If you're bringing kids, keep in mind that the selection of toys sold here are very limited. You might see a range of Barbie dolls but not necessarily all of the accessories that we're used to seeing at Toys R Us. If a movie comes out (i.e. Power Rangers 2017) you'd expect to see a line-up of toys but that won't happen here unless it's Spiderman or Star Wars. Again, this is due to the import/export issues in Argentina.

I think I covered all of the essentials. Sorry if this is too wordy.

Don't send a container unless you are getting it taken care of by a company you are working for; it's very complicated and can be very very expensive! I always took peanut butter because it was very very difficult to find. I also took a can or 2 of cranberry sauce, sage and packs of Ranch dressing. I was kinda overkill on what I liked to have with me down there, but I never regretted what I took! I took the large off brand of Ibuprofen because they only sold the pills in small blister packs and they were not small coated tablets like ours. I took my own 100% cotton sheets because they were cheaper. You can find very nice things like that but the prices were so much better here. I even took a roll or two of foil and saran wrap. They have it there but the foil is so crummy. I used the brands from there but was always glad to have a few rolls from home. The plastic wrap is impossible to get off the rolls from there. I would save my empty box then put the brand from there in the box that had a good edge to cut it and use it that way. I even took dryer sheets. I took them out of the box and put them in zip lock bags for lighter packing. They have ziplock bags there but they are very expensive so I always at least started out with some. they have great small appliances, nice towels ( $$$$$), great food, good kitchenware ( though you may want to take a few of your favorite kitchen items), ok pillows. Clothes are expensive though! Have fun!!

I am coming down to retire, bringing nothing but my electronics and personals but need to fly my cat any tips?

Easy. Your kitty goes to vet..gets health certificate fior travel to must then go to local agriculture  they put a few stamps on health certificate and ciao   ready to go...i   suggest lan airlines.....with ameeican airlines 2nd choice.. Kitty beeds very mild happy for u and kitty...on to new adventures...p.s  temps must be between 45 and 80 farenheit in any location your plane is landing

Thanks should be departing late Oct but will probably fly United I will try and get a sympathy pet exception so I can fly the cat in a seat. I believe  the cat will need shots at least 30 days before I fly. THX Paul

You know I am selling an internet bookstore before I come, maybe I should ship down some books before I leave.

Yes... .get therapy pet  certificate.thats great..the best...kitty travels with you...beware;united  and all airlines going to most countries in s.america do not allow small pets to travel under the europe  s.america  no.....unless u have therapy pet document.yes. ....n get your kitty as a therapy animal  this is fantastic....speak w your vet, plan ahead....wish u all the very best..p.s  united doesnt even let u check pet on luggage hold  to s.america..they have a seperate pet program.avoiding  cargo etc is great...its  horrid knowing your beloved pet is in belly of plane..i see so many people in airports w "therapy dogs" lan airlines lets you bring onboard  therapy monkey;pig,  whatever...with proper papers...get kitties papers ready now.stating he is a therapy suffer from severe anxiety...or stress  ....

Thx will do - be well. to ship if you have a reliable place that gives price up front and will not be charged fees upon arrival...books are heavy but sometimes more cost effective to buy a no larger than 62 linear inch box from ups. .shipping boxes,they are light  airlines accept as long as it is proper measurements..i loooove boxes for  all essentials

I'd just give you a piece of adviede. Always keep an eye open. If people (unknown people, on the street) doesn't know that you are not from Argentina it's safer. Try to act like the people on Argentina when walking on the streets, avoid dangerous areas.

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