US Medicare payments while living in Mexico

That quote was several years ago with a top company.  Traveler's Insurance should have options to even fly you back to the states, if indicated.  Not cheap.

When you do your going back and forth between the States, gudgrief, are you travelling by bus or flying? From where you are now, seems bus would take forever, while flying could really add up? How do you handle it?

A lot of interesting answers.  I will read carefully.
I had IMSS for several years until someone there decided I had no rights to have it because I was the owner of a corporation. The corporation is just to let me have my house on the water side. Since then I got very discouraged. Ok for part B. I got it.
But A and B is not much if taken to a hospital in USA right? What eñse would I need, complimentary.
Thank you

Hey, I'm retired, I have lot's of time.  I take the bus for 650 miles and 16 hours.  I sleep half of it.  Meet some interesting people.  There are two rest stops on the way up, only one on the way back.  Good food available at both stops.

I was told a few years ago, then we were not yet 70, that we had reached the age limit for the Mexican private health insurance.

If you can spend money, Mexico has excellent doctors, clinics, treatments..... As good as in the States.

Depends on what treatments you're going to have.
There's a Part A deductible and 20% copay.  I had a bypass operation 5 years ago and my part of the $100,000 bill was $3500.  I had a Medicare Advantage Plan that paid the deductible.  There are supplement plans that pay everything but have premiums  of $200-300 a month.  AARP has good Supplemental Plans through United Healthcare.

i find that unfortunately without insurance, even if in Mexico it is cheaper. We have to find 30,000 usa dollars for my husband radiation in Cancun.
It is not always easy and cheap and and

That's very true.  A friend had a huge ovarian cyst/tumor removed at a first rate hospital with excellent OB/Gyn and surgeons.  Including biopsy, lab tests and everything the total was less than 60,000 pesos or around $3500.  Even the food was quite good.  My CC can stand such a hit I have a low rate so far.  She came through a champ claiming she had no pain a few hours after the surgery.

A random thought.  there are lot's of rich Americans and Canadians in Cancun.  You might investigat non expat cities like Veracruz, Xalapa, Puebla, Morelia or Queretaro.  If you think you can trust the oncologist, you might ask.

What a shock!  Have you checked what is available through IMSS ot Seguro Popular?  But It's likely to cost between 3 and 10 times as much in the US.  Up there I'd guess you's have insurance.  I haven't considered cancer insurance.

I wish your husband and you the best of luck.

Hello Ally.  My name is France.  I find a little confusing for answering.
Thank you for all your advises. I agree with you about food. I do not eat meat. But my husband does and unfortunately I cannot make him go without.  He will have to go to Cancun for radiation.
I really regret to have establish reesidence here and lost some privileges.
The cost of medical, doctors and else is cheap most of the time but when there is need of radiation and other treatments of that calibre it is not cheap and has to be paid cash and in cash most of the time.
I wanted to answer longer but here on the screen I cannot see your message.
May be because I am on an Ipad
Take care

If you haven't seen this already.

A random thought.  there are lot's of rich Americans and Canadians in Cancun.  You might investigat non expat cities like Veracruz, Xalapa, Puebla, Morelia or Queretaro.  If you think you can trust the oncologist, you might ask.  Prices are likely to be somewhat lower there.

We live in chetumal and cancun is the nearest and yet it is five hours drive.
Thanks for your advises.  Merida is still expensive as well.
May be because if the radiation equipment, the treatment is very expensive and also my husband will have to stay in a hotel and me at home in Chetumal because our property is for sale.
Finally we should always think of health and not live too far from all conveniences.

We have no insurance.  That is why I enter those forum when people wants to quit their insurance and move to Mexico or Belize thinking it will all be easy. Of course, we learn and we hope that cancer does not hit on us.  I was always suspicious about not having health insurance, I am a socialist hey, but we were both helathy and living a very quiet life.. Life is life.
At least if my husband is in Cancun I could drive to him but so hard to have someone keep the house that is isolated.
I cannot imagine him in Vera Cruz or much further. I already found Cancun very far from Chetumal.
Many too many years in the jungle.....

When i sell my property and decide to go back to the Usa, I will follow your advises re medicare. We have A only.  I wanted to. Ove to Belize but eventhough the medical field is good, as a general but not for Cancer for which there is no service.

I just stumbled on this old thread and it reminded me that I had solved this, even before I knew it was a problem.  When I was living in Puerto Rico, I used my actual street address in Viejo San Juan as my home address, and to USPS it was no different than when I lived in Pennsylvania, except that Fidelity then notified Hacienda.  But that that was no problem as retirement income was not taxable, but I did have to file a P.R. return.

But, in Panamá they, believe it or not, they didn't have street addresses.  I rented a box at the post office, but there was no home delivery for mail.  I contracted with Aerocasillos to use their Miami address and they would then fly my mail and packages to Panamá, pass them thorough customs, and deliver all to my house.  When I started needing meds from Medicare, it all worked just as well.  It appeared to all (even the IRS) that I was living in Florida, although I was really a legal resident in Panama City (The real one).  I even had a Skype-In phone number with a Pennsylvania 717 A/C, which would out-call to my house phone in Panamá.  I have seen there are similar mail forwarding services for Mexico.  It appears that they now scan the incoming mail and make it viewable on-line, allowing the recipient to decide deliver, or trash.

If I recall, this one forwards to Mexico:

It would be very difficult to use Medicare in Mexico.  I have not found it possible. And I have done a lot of due diligence on this prospect.

I figured that was a given except for prescription meds, and that is pretty easily handled.

But you'd have to keep bank accounts or credit cards in the U.S. for co-pays.

Unless you claim an emergency while "traveling", and there'd surely be a time limitation there. … de-us.html

What I read was that there's no coverage outside the US unless a Canadian Energency Room is closer.  I don't remember reading anything about Mexico.  The preceding applies to traditional Medicare.

If you buy one of the 5 types of Medicare Supplemental Insurance Policies (Medigap) that includes foreign travel coverage from a private company, it will pay 80% of expenses after a $250 deductible.  It must be an emergency that ocurred in the first 60 days of  foreign travel.  The clock starts again if you return to the US and start another trip.

I submitted a claim just using the bills from hospital and doctors with a cover letter.  They came back and asked for the datenI left the US.  I replied by phone and the next day the claim was approved.

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