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Hi friends, I am preethee from Mauritius and have the intention to come to Vancouver to work. I would like to know how life is there, cost of living. It will be a work permit of 2 years with possibility to extend another 2 years. Is it possible for someone who come on a work permit has the possibility to apply for Pr?

Its not only possible, its also that you stand a better chance - as you already have a job while residing in Canada. My advice is, as soon as you arrive to settle and start work, hit the ground running and apply for your PR at once. Remember, your work permit is a close one which means should you loose your job due to whatever reason, you are no longer legal to be working in Canada and cannot find another job with that same work permit. Thus having a PR status helps.

Thanks a lot for your reply, I will take into consideration your advice once I arrive in Canada. Have a nice day!

Vancouver is a beautiful city you will one it. What type of work do you do? This will give you an idea if you can even afford to live in the City.
The cost of living far surpasses what most people earn.


After you work for one year in Vancouver you could apply for PR under the PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) or Canadian Experience Class if the Job you are doing follows in the right category.

Also there is the Express Entry program if again you have an employer who is offering a high level professional job.

I could put you in contact with the immigration consultants who help our students with applications, they will be able to assest your probabilities of immigrate.
Also we collaborate with an agency who connects internationals who have work permit with employers.

Laura Lopez

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Hi Laura do you have an advice for finding a job offer? Maybe an easier way to have a chance ? I would like to send a resume to you and get your ideas 🌻 Glad if you can give me an email thanks☀️ Ceyda

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