Teaching in Abuja can i survive well with 1000 pounds?

I was offered a job in a British school here.

With over a thousand pounds a month (excluding accommodation and bills and flights each summer they are included) would I be able to survive well?

I like to get my nails and eyelashes done.

I don't eat out much. A gym membership would be great.

I'm happy to buy most of my food from the market.

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The cost of living is very cheap if you shop arround, barter as mich as possible I found out it can be 20% dearer for the white person than the local, I brouggt one of my workers with me at first and that sorted the usual price difference oit.

There are plenty of salons.
Where abouts is the job as this will affect the prices.

The job is in maitama which is expensive right? Bartering I'm fine with, I live in Uganda and I'm used to fighting with people over prices 😁 Thanks for your help

1000 pounds are just okay not good . Abuja is costly city and more for expats

Yes you can survive. I also live in abuja here. Everything in life is about the choice you make.
You can decide to rent a whole duplex and live or a  small apartment.
You can drop your contact let's hook up to hang out

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