Algerians Expatriates in Turkey - AET-

MAN or  WOMEN   welcome   :par:

               Assalamu 'Alaykum dear brothers and sisters,

         For  those  WHO are currentlly living in turkey hope every one doing good and found what he or she found what was willing for

İ am invited you all to be next to each other and being helpful to create what we  call it .
AND   Neighborhood
                                    By the way, those who are not  -A-  can participate with us too 

                                                                          HD thanks in advance

Weshraki:) nasilsins beothr and sister

welcome friiends sorry i was awy for while but i m back hope you doin good

Alhamdouallllah 😀 inshallah everyone is well

yepcgood just net problem at home  :mad:

Ohhhh normal arabic Problems maybe turkey .... i am not sure  ^-^ the goverment sometimes using the newworks pionts so you cant access online

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