Visas for South Africans

I'll be moving to Bangalore in a couple of months and as I'll be living for quite some time I need to find the best visa option for me. Visitor visa is only valid for 6 months then I guess I could do visa trips to neighboring countries to get a new visa but this is not really convenient besides its not certain if I can get a new 6 month visitor visa each time. Another option is to study. I'm planning on studying music in Bangalore but now I've heard you can only get a visa by studying classical Indian music at a government affiliated school and so far I haven't found any online besides I would prefer to study where I want not just for the purpose of obtaining a visa. If anyone has experience with visa issues please inform me I'd really appreciate it


Saw your post...How long are you planning to stay in India. Are you PIO or OCI by any chance.


give me some time i will help you out...i know some people in that department

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