Craft group

Are there some expats/locals who are into crafting and would like to create a meeting group to craft together? What kind of craft you like to do?

Ohh that's nice !!! I would love to join :)

me too... but in WE.

In WE???

Primadonna :

In WE???

week end  ;)

Thanks Mo, even after all those years, I can still learn.  ;)

For the most people the weekend is sacred or family time. So it must be in the week and preferably in the morning.

no probl. Primadonna, some people must go work

I know this is a long shot and before you tell me to post in the ad section I am going to ask here first as this is about crafting after all. Has anyone got a sizzix big shot machine that they want to sell. the only place I have found that sell them in Amman is at "she can" craft shop, but they are too expensive there. Or is anyone coning over from the UK or the states that would bring one for me in their luggage; I will pay. Thanks

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