Bus Tour Company leaving Rayong / Ban Phe area

Need to find a bus tour leaving Rayong / Ban Phe area to take a trip for a couple of days.

Something to do for elderly people. We speak Thai and English. 

Any references or experiences out there.

Requirement is Safety first.

No banzai drivers who have no regard for know the kind. Thanks in advance.

Hi I'm coming to Bangkok & would like to take bus to Pattaya ( to see countryside ) wanting to board bus March 6th & I have dog (yellow lab). I want to live in Thailand for few years (just not sure where, never been there). Is bus ride possible? Train? Thank Tex

Rayong have a bus station where mini buses depart frequently to bangkok and they stop at most places on the way. The number of stops means you add aprox 1 hour to journey so 3.5 hours bkk to rayong and vice versa. Cost aprox 160 baht per person. Not sure about animals boarding. The bus I used was a 12 man mini van but I have also used a coach type bus for aprox 200 baht which took the same route. The minivan option I took from bang na bus station but the coach option I took from ekkamai.

Both were safe no danger with either option.

Both routes went through siracha, pattaya, pattaya south.

Hope this helps.

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