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Hi everyone

Can anyone tell me (roughly) how much a 4 door sedan long term rental would cost? On average of course. We are looking for a one year rental. Any idea if it would be better to buy than rent? We really appreciate any advice in this regard.

Thanks in advance 😀

In my time spent on the island, I never came across any agencies that do long-term leasing of cars.

You can try negotiating with a regular agency, but they will just drop their rates by maybe 10/20%, which will still be horrendously expensive.

Another lady on this forum mentioned that she was renting a car for herself over the long-term and that the only regret she had was that she didn't buy a car sooner instead (as the costs worked out to pretty much the same amount).

So my opinion about it is that it would be better to buy a car over renting.

At end, it might cost you more or less the same, depending on your budget at hand, if you can afford to buy one, do it
and think about the resale value, so Japanese cars have resale value

We used to rent but decided we were throwing money down the drain and so we bought a little Hyundai i 10 when they had offers on new cars. Never once regretted it. Had it now for over 3 years and it's been a good little car.

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Like what majority of the folks on here have said, it is better in the long run to buy a car over renting as the prices for both options more-or-less align at the end.

Just come accross this post.

Renting a car on long term can be as 15,000 RS per month. But to be more realistic expect to pay about 20,000 RS per month.

Main advantage is that you do not pay for the insurance and servicing is done by the owner. It is certainly better to rent a quite old car (say about 10 years old) as you will not have to worry about small scratches you do not even know how they appeared on the car.

You can buy a second hand car, it is certainly painfull to find a one, but as from 200,000 RS you could find something decent, but not so new. Just resale it when you live.

I have no idea about insurances, but I guess that at the end you will spend less money (if you do not have to pay too much to fix the engine from time to time, change to often the tires ...).

For one year rental cost could be around 200,000 RS, a car you own might not cost more than 100,000 per year.

But you need the cash at the beginning ....

I myself i hire on long term and i got it for 18,000 per month,am very happy and most important hassle free

18k a month multiply by 10 months you buy yourself a good used car and in good condition, i still think buying a car is better over long term rental, renting is good for a short period

Renting is good for very short period or if you are here for less than a year and have no contact to help you in quickly finding a car to buy.

Servicing + insurance + taxes is only what you will have to worry when buying a car.

On top of that you can sell it back when leaving the country. You will certainly not make benefits, but you will not loose so much.

Renting is only good if your company gives you a good car allowance, or if RS15,000 is not much for you, and while looking for the car you will buy.

Check out endeavour care rental. Speak to Mr Koosh.

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