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Hi all!

I am making preparations to move from London England to Kingston Jamaica along with my Husband and our Son and Daughter aged 5 and 3.
I would love to be living on to the North Coast but my Husband has secured himself a job position in Kingston, so that's where we'll be. Kingston's cool still, will just look forward to weekends out visiting family and friends across Jamaica.

I am having trouble looking for International Schools in Kingston. I've come across one called AISK, they look brilliant but way too expensive. They work out to be around  £700 per month.

Does anyone know of any other international schools in Kingston that are reasonably priced? Or even a regular Primary School in Kingston that has a fair amount of overseas children attending?

Please let me know if you have any info

Many Thanks


Hi Chanelle, most preparatory school in and around kingston usually have a fair amount of overseas children. A few that I've considered were: st.Andrews prep, st.Peters and paul, Stella maris, Ardenne prep, quest prep, queens prep.
Of course most of these tuitions are above 500usd per term which in jamaica is 3-4months :/ . My deciding factors was location, cost, facilities and of course quality of education. I ended up settling with obistan prep now,I had to make some trade off.

AISK is in a category all by itself. I have toured a few listed above and I was a little disappointed I was expecting quality class rooms with good finishings, update technology I found only a moderate quality. You should do a local Search in your area of kingston or check out those that I've mentioned your sure to find something.

I was worried about my son's interactions at school as he's usually reserved but he has settled in well.

As for primary schools I thought long and hard on that matter and after visiting a few I didn't have the guts to do it. Most of my family members advised me to send my son to one but with an average of 30-35 kids in a classroom  way over subscribe. Halfway tree primary, George headley I've heard mentioned a few times. There is a recent article in the glener about a survey which indicates that prep has a better chance of passing GSAT you can check it out.

Keep us posted on your decision all the best.

Thank you so much.

I will get my head down and do some research on the Prep Schools you mentioned.

Many thanks


Hi There,
I haven't lived on the Island for over 34 years. But I remember when I was child my cousin's aunt taught at a school named Hillel Academy. Many children from over seas attended this school. I'm not sure what the cost is, I don't believe its inexpensive but maybe less expensive than the one you mentioned. it was a very good school, and I believe it still is, according to my step mother who has close ties to the island still.
Good luck.

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