Indian Schools in Beijing

I got a job in Beijing I have school going Kids. I want to koow the I ndian Schools In Beijing. M y 1 st daughter going 6 th standard, 2 nd one 1 st standard.

Please advice me the school availability, When the admission begine, what is the syllabus pattern CBSE/ MATRICULATION etc.,



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I hope some of the Indian expatriates on the forum will be able to help you on schools in Beijing!

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I know of one Indian school in Beijing. It is operated by the Indian Embassy and is located n Guanghua Lu. I think it only caters for ages 4  - 11 years. I think it follows the Indian Central Scool Board curriculum. The email I have for them is indianembassyschoolbeijing[at] Please check with them to confirm the accuracy of this information.

There are though quite a few British Schools in Beijing.

Thanks Manlin for your valueable reply.

Singsubra, Duabi

Hey i hope you were able to find a suitable school for your children. I am an Indian too, will be in Beijing next husband is shifting jobs. I am also looking for a school for my 10 year old girl, I believe the school inside the Indian embassy got shut. Do we have other options. where are your children studying right now. Can u please help.

Hi,still looking for suitable school?

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