Anyone know how to start a NGO in Vietnam?

I'm living in Saigon phu my hung now,and i plan to start a NGO to build  libraries for children in Slum.
But i don't know how and where to apply? and how long it will take? anyone who know the information please tell me thanks a lot.

Get your ideas from Google.   90% of the volunteer agencies are NGO

Hi enigma,

I have a German client who also want to open an NGO in Vietnam,
so I asked my trustworthy lawyer to help, and here is the story:

My legal advisor (named Vu Minh Cong) emailed, called to office of The Committee for foreign non-governmental organization affairs to ask and verify information.

January 7, 2015, he went to their office to ask.
In general, to establish an NGO, all the documents need to be prepared, the working process as in Decree no. 12/2012/NĐ-CP doesn’t have any form, but they will instruct how to do.

Next, they require the person who will be manager of the NGO email to them, say clearly about the purpose of NGO, with suggestions and concerns. Specially, they will list all necessarily things need to be done. After applicant submit documents, if lacking of any document, they will subjectively call/contact the applicant to add, so it won’t be late (with the planned establish day)

Công already understand clearly about the process, but the purpose of establishment, The Committee wants to discuss with the manager of NGO directly to understand better and can consult you correctly about content of the document.

Email of the person Công spoke with: hoahoang[at]
Website: vn/
Office email (common):  infopaccom[at]
Address: 105A Quán Thánh, Hà Nội

Thanks for your information MeoMun,i'll do some more research before i want to apply

Hello Enigma,

You should contact law professor Hoang Oanh Ngo at ***  contact her in the past and got 1hr free consultation. Good luck

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Could you please PM me that persons email address. I also need to start up NGO.

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