playing professional football in Hungary

I'm Nigerian, Hungarian by birth, 6 ft 3,an excellent footballer... wld be visiting Hungary in a couple o months time...have dreams of being a professional soccer player and ply my trade in d Hungarian football league... how exactly do I go about this???

I honestly have no clue but I have a few guesses.
I might first talk with people in that "field" in Nigeria first, they may have some leads in Hungary.
I would then perhaps check out the football community in Hungary go to different stadiums, talk with people there in their offices or people practicing football.
There must be a way to contact someone in the professional league if you are good enough for a team.
I know there is a HU football team in Hawaii and in LA, Cal, well more like weekend warriors.
My sister's old long time boyfriend in the 1980's used to play with the boys from the UK in LA in the park, Rod Stewart was one of the weekend players back then. He would be just another guy on the. field.
There must be a NIgerian group of players even in Budapest, I would seek them out and go from there.

Was not trying to name drop just saying if your good enough and out there playing in the park or wherever you never know who you may run into who can help your career.
My father back when he was a young man was a self made figure skater, it was his passion.
He was skating at a local rink in either NY or Conn. he was young around 19 or 20 years old.
Sonia Henning, the women's gold medal winner in women's figure skating saw him skating doing his thing without even looking to be discovered.
She liked what she saw, asked him to be her skating partner at Madison Square Gardens in a couple of weeks time, her regular skating partner was ill.
He did a couple of performances with her. Of course he was good, young and very, very handsome, a pretty man from Poland.
Sadly too, WW11 broke out, he was drafted and that was the end of his dreams about skating as a pro. All Hitler's fault!
She was already getting towards the end of her career, she was much older then my father was and from what I have heard from him and from documentaries about her life, a pain to work with.
In any case sometimes oppurtunity just comes your way out of the blue. The trick is to be open and ready for it if it should come your way.
Even silly me was "discovered" in Hollywood just walking down the street when I was 17.
Found a note on a friends car, seems a movie ex from MGM had seen me walking in my fucky gear with attitude, left the note for me to come in for a reading of a script.
Went ( took a friend for protection just in case it wasn't a legit thing) it was legit, I just was a crummy actor.
So have to put yourself out there and be seen.

Good, I'm in similar situation now.  But no information on where they play or time. 😂😂😂

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