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What do people do about them?

We have used repellant from Boots Chemist but it actually seems to attract the little b@$/@£#s rather than repell them.

Also indoors, we keep the air con running at night and the windows closed but still get bitten!

What's the best way of wiping them out?

You will never wipe them out, but you can buy a cream to put on your body that's known as ODOMOS, you can buy in local pharmacy, its by far the best product I have ever used, it varies in price depending where you are in the world, if by any chance your out in Indian ocean, you should find it very reasonable to buy.
    Good luck

I have not suffered to the same degree as some other places but i am normally at work at dusk which is often the worst time of the day.
The Boots stuff is 50% Deet and you really need 100%. You can buy Repel 100  in some places and on-line but I don't know if it's available here. Make sure you spray your rooms with Doom. Seems to work for me. There are also the normal plug ins eg Vape available at all the supermarkets.
Good luck

I use coils. Put one on every night in each room before bedtime. Also spray yourself with peaceful sleep.

If you can get the ingredients, this natural mix works.

A spray bottle.
Put in the following.
15 drops lavender oil, 4 tablespoons vanilla extract,a quarter cup of lemon juice.
Fill the container with water, shake before using.

Mosquitos are part of the "Mauritian fun". Gosh I do not miss them every time I go back to Europe, but it seems they miss me a lot as they're happy to see me each time I go back :D

I think there is also a matter of discipline, at certain hours (mostly before sunset) close all your windows

Forsome reasons, mosquitoes don't bite me at all. But all my family members get bitten severely when they come on holiday here.  They ddo use the cream fromBoots!! Using Vape coil works and the Electronic pest repellant also works.  I have one plugged in each room.

I use the liquid repellent you plug into a socket with a timer plug. Very efficient (good for a couple of weeks) but because of intermittent power cuts I have a to reprogram the plug every now and then.

I use the solid stick peaceful sleep and have liquid vape plug ins in every room. Air con and fans also help deter them.
I also spray with doom every morning and evening.
If you do get bitten use Phenergan 2% cream which you can buy from pharmacists here, but you have to apply immediately to stop the red itchy bump appearing.

Thanks for all the suggestions, I think we will give the cream a try and Phenergan sounds like some thing we should always carry with us!

We used the coils last time but to be honest they had no effect what so ever. This time it's war.

For in the house, we use the plug in liquid repellent and a fan that is directed in our direction. It also helps if you close doors and windows, but in the summer that is near impossible, if you don't want to suffocate inside your house.

For outside we use peaceful sleep and coils.

What helps me for the itching is Tiger Balm, available in nearly every shop. This help me a lot, since I am allergic to insect bites and stings and can't use my anti-histamine all of the time. The balm works, although to me it stinks a bit. But, stink you can wash off later, itching doesn't stop after you scratched...


gssilemaurice :

This time it's war.


may I say they always win ?

Hi, The best way is to put insect screen on the windows. You can then open the windows at night and switch off the air con.

Hi Julien

I love Mauritius :-) and I'm planning on going over in June can you tell me what it will be like for the Mosquitos at that time of year.  All my other visits have been in Mauritian summer time. I think the Mosquitos wait for me at the airport!

June is a bit colder so less mosquitos in town, but now they've read you here I am pretty sure they'll wait for you at the airport exit :D

Hi Julien

Thank you for your reply, oh I've no chance then now they can read   :/

What a thread! lol! I also have a personal grievance against the little monsters. Personally I use the Vape coil that you plug into an AC outlet. It's pretty effective depending on the size of the room it's installed in. I'm against using the traditional mosquito coils that you light up with a match and they give off this smell and in a closed off room, the smoke accumulation ain't healthy for the lungs! As the winter approaches, we'll see less and less of them in our homes. Also I spotted some pretty decent options I didn't previously know about here.  :)

Use citronella essence. Like a carrier oil. A drop with some baby oil and a few drops on your clothes. Can't smell ure perfume but at least no mossies.

Yes, You can use citronella josticks too or there is citronella oil that you can use to make a lamp up of any sort.  I bought a couple of citronella oil bottle from ALDI.

Bats help control ***

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Sorry, But I can't see how the bats controlled the mosquitoes and by my understanding they have NOT all been killed.  For three consecutive years I never managed to pluck a single lychee from my adorn tree.  Bats are now eating almost everything as there is not enough fruits around the areas they live in.
A lot get caught on live electric wires andI see them a lot along the overhanging electric lines at Bassin Blanc, Mare Aux Vacoas!!

I found that after a while if you resist the urge to scratch then you seem better to cope with the bites. I found that i get bitten less now that i don't scratch them

They don't bother me but they did bother my wife and children in the past. I have been told that the mosquitoes die as soon as they try me as my blood is too poisonous!!!

You can save orange peels and put a few cloves on them and keep them in different places in the house. It helps a little.

They can be wiped out using genetically modified mosquitos as has been done on several of the Caribbean Islands. That would have to be a government initiative though. There are a lot of repellents that work, but not all are pleasant as mentioned, The electronic vapour ones probably work best. There are also other biting insects like small gnats and the best way to get some peace at home is to make sure you have no standing water around, not much lush, moist foliage close to the house etc. Spray with a very fine mist from a garden sprayer around the house both outside and inside areas like patio walls, around windows and doors, ceiling, bottom of walls near the floor etc. They land on it, they die. The product you need is a long lasting Pyrethroid e.g. K-Othrine available from hardware stores. Just read the instructions carefully. It should buy you relief for 4-6 weeks if done properly. Otherwise one of the pest control companies can do it for you.

Neem oil is ok and safe....
citronella incense ok as well as oil to put on skin.
in your garden plant lots of citronella herbs...they repel insects.

Planting pyrethrum daisies in your garden helps too.

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