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Can anyone help me which is the easiest bank account to open in HK without being a resident?

I am from the US, but will be living in China and would like to have my money in an HK account. Is this possible?

I have most of my savings in a Hong Kong account but I live and work in Mainland China.  The bank I use in Hong Kong is the Bank of China mainly because there are banks of China in Mainland.  However, you must realize that even though the Bank of China in Mainland and the bank of china in Hong Kong are under the same name, that's where the similarity ends.  Unlike banks in my home country of Canada that are all linked together e.g. If Im at the Bank of Canada in Toronto and live in Vancouver, I can enjoy the same services throughout the country.  Here its much more complicated.  I wanted to transfer 50,000 from my bank in Hong Kong to the same bank here in mainland, and was told I had to actually physically go to Hong Kong to do so.  furthermore, you need to find a bank that speaks English and that is most difficult here.  A task as simple as asking for an accountability of your bank statement becomes a major task.  Good Luck Coach

Non-resident opening bank account in HK is quite difficult now, but not impossible, though.
However, with min. USD10,000 (may have increased now) balance, a global bank account in Singapore is possible. 


K: Im sorry, I just re read your post, when I opened up my account in Hong Kong, all I had to do was show my passport.  I wasn't a permanent resident, I was there to help with their National Basketball team. (6 months). I have since retired, and moved to mainland and still keep the Hong Kong account. However, I did have a Hong Kong address, what about a post office box...... Coach

In the past, yes, all you need is the passport. I had helped a number for the Japanese (non-resident) opening acct at HSBC; however, the regulators have since tighten the rules, opening acct now needs a local address (PO Box may not be acceptable). In your case, you were there with a valid working visa and have a residential address, that's why it was possible.

Jeff: Thank you for your reply, I do have one more question, if you dont mind,?  At this day and age, knowing the climate in Hong Kong and other Asian countries, where is it best to have my money, Hong Kong or Mainland..Laurence.

Jeff: Thank you for your reply, I do have one more question, if you dont mind,?  At this day and age, knowing the climate in Hong Kong and other Asian countries, where is it best to have my money, Hong Kong or Mainland..Laurence.

Hi Laurence, it depends on your objectives, your savings/investment time frame, your current & expected future situation, etc..., however, if the choice is only between these 2, the short answer is HK. If you wish, we can continue this conversation in private messages. Jeff

Thank you ...can you please send me your contact data...Larence

Hi Laurence, my email is xxx


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Opening banks accounts in HK is pretty straight forward if you have all the required documents at hand with your current passport. I would suggest ICBC International or HSBC.

Account opening papers: Mainland China residential papers, or obtain a letter off the landlord if in rented accommodation. Make sure your full name and passport number is on the document itself, dated signed and make sure it covers the last 6 months residence.

Current passport of course.

Mainland China police report of residency permit.

Any mainland China bank statement recent as possible.

Any employment contracts or letter off employer on letterhead if you can obtain one.

Any Utility bills with your residential address also take, most recent. Which ones have your name on them.

You can open a personal account with online banking out of both banks. You also obtain ATM International cards BUT please ask the banks to make sure the ATM cards are OPENED UP Internationally. Always good to obtain at least 2 ATM cards also per account, that way for sending monies overseas you do not have to transfer anything, just send 1 card to your family by FEDEX etc, and give them the PIN over the phone, then they can withdraw daily the max amount. You also can do the same while in China and having your funds kept in HK.

Hope the above helps, as I live in Central China, and easily opened a HSBC account in HK.

Dear All,

There is always a solution and a way how to open a  bank account. Especially in HK.
I know its quite taught now.. But everything is possible.
Contact me for more details.

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