Diffrence between RNE and CIE???

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The main issue is thst I have 4 childern from my ex wife . My ex wife and I are divorced 3 years ago. I need to obtain residency for my kids. My ex wife passed away about 6 months ago. Would I be able to apply for residency to my children alone by my self?? If yes what are the required documents?

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Start here.

Request to stay based on family reunion
By Edvaldo Evangelista Lopes - published 11/11/2016 19:51, last modified 4/19/2017 11h47
Request to stay based on a family reunion, which aims to approach the family of the foreigner registered as permanent or the Brazilian who assumes the caller status of a family entity that falls into the condition of legal dependent (called), as provided in MJ Ordinance 4/2015 and related legislation (RN 108/2014 CNIg).

    Own request, available at ;

    Two (02) 3x4 size pictures, recent, colorful, with white background. Click here for the guidelines on photography.

    Authenticated, clear and complete copy of passport or equivalent travel document;

    Certificate of criminal record issued in the country of origin, legalized with the Brazilian consular office in the country in which it was issued, and translated by a public sworn translator in Brazil, or issued by a consular section in Brazil;

    Proof of the degree of kinship between the caller and the called person, through a certified copy of the birth or marriage certificate, or a document proving to be the caller responsible for the call;

    Rationale of the caller for the formulation of the request;

    Authenticated copy of the identity document of the caller (Brazilian identity card or alien identity card);

    Declaration of commitment of maintenance, subsistence and exit of the national territory, in favor of the call, while this one stays in Brazil, with a recognized signature;

    Proof of livelihood and financial ability of the caller to sustain the call;

    Declaration of the call that was not prosecuted or criminally convicted in Brazil or abroad, with a recognized signature; and

    Proof of payment of the respective fee;

Revenue Code: 140066 - R $ 168.13 (Request for Permanence)

Revenue Code: 140082 - R $ 106,45 (Foreign Registration)

Revenue Code: 140120 - R $ 204.77 (Foreigner's Portfolio)

* To check if there is a calendar available for service, reprint form 154 or generate the GRU for payment of fees, click here

* Click here to print list of documents based on family reunion


    The documents issued abroad must be legalized by Brazilian consular office and translated by a sworn translator in Brazil.

    The documents that must be presented by means of certified copies may alternatively be presented in simple copies accompanied by the original documents for authentication by the public server that receives them, pursuant to § 1 of art. 10 of Decree 6.932 of August 11, 2009.

Fee Exemption Information:

DECREE Nº 6.771, FEBRUARY 16, 2009: It provides that the citizens of the member countries of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP), an international organization formed by Angola , Brazil , Cape Verde , Guinea Bissau , Equatorial Guinea , Mozambique , Portugal , São Tomé and Príncipe and Timor-Leste, are exempt from the payment of fees and emoluments due on the issuance and renewal of residence permits, except for the costs of issuing documents. This means that there is no need to pay the application fee for extension of the term of temporary visas, stay or registration fee of foreigner, being due only the payment of the foreign portfolio issuance fee, when applicable.


Dear Mr. Jim

Thanks for you prompt reply and assistance.

my question is: can I obtain a residency for my children without the presence of their mother?


If you can show proof of legal custody and produce a Death Certificate of your ex-wife you should be able to get it.   you should probably make a trip to the PF and take someone who is fluent in Portuguese with you to help explain the situation. Since this is a different situation there may be additional documents required.


Hi Ziadsor

Since you have the permanent residency in Brazil I believe you should be able to sponsor your children based on Family Reunion.

As far as the paperwork is concerned it will be ideal if you can contact the Brazilian embassy based in the country where your children are currently residing and coordinate with them accordingly



My goodness...I wanted to say thanks to James. May lord bless his soul

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