Diffrence between RNE and CIE???

Dear James,

Hope to find you well,No doubt you are doing very good job by explaining everything in true words.
i have no idea about RNE and CIE.would you like to tell me diffrence between RNE and CIE?
Moreover also tell me what are the benefits of RNE and CIE?

Please try your best to explain it in details as you do always,

Actually the two terms are often confused because they are both commonly used to refer to the same thing even though they are different.

RNE = Registro Nacional de Estrangeiros: The computer database that the Federal Police maintain for the government that contains the information on all foreigners registered in Brazil as permanent or temporary visa holders (not VITUR tourist visas).

RNE Number = The 8 digit alpha-numeric number assigned to each individual registered in the RNE program

CIE = Cédula de Identidade Estrangeiro:  The actual (machine readable) plastic   Civil ID card issued to foreigners registered in Brazil, it contains their data, photo, fingerprint and RNE Number.

So despite the fact that RNE and CIE actually are two different things MOST people are really referring to the card when they use the term RNE. The correct term is CIE, however. So when someone says, "Can I see your RNE?" what they're really asking for is to see your Cédula de Identidade.

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Don't get to caught up in the Jargon , it's actually very simple just like James says.
It's an ID card and RNE is just the actual registration of it.

As far s Benefits , you need to show the card to accomplish pretty much anything and when you get it you are basically treated like a Brazilian in the eyes of the law.
You can get into National Parks and things at Brazilian Half price and travel all over South America on the card as part of the Mercosul agreement which are nice perks. said if  foreigner has CIE then he can travel to South american countries??How is it possible?
if its true then mention the names of countries in south america,in which CIE holder can travel.
Can CIE holder travel by plane or he just can travel on bus?if he is eligible to travel then what is the procedure and what documents required along with CIE to enther in that south American Countries???

You just need the card.....You can go to Argentina , Paraguay , Columbia , Venezuela , Uruguay  and I think Chile and Bolivia too

They are all Part of a Mercosul Agreement , it's like a South American EU. I travelled to Argentina on my card last week and the chinese guy next too me used his CIE to enter Argentina and remarked to me how great it is not to need a visa.....I don't need visa for Latin America anyway with my Passport , but the card makes it even easier

Well it's not exactly ALL South American countries, but anyone who holds a PERMANENT category Cédula de Identidade Estrangeiro does not require a visa to enter some of the MERCOSUL member nations. The mobility terms of the MERCOSUL agreement permit entry without visa (for the purpose of tourism):

Brazil / Bolivia / Colombia / Ecuador / Peru all allow visa free entry for permanent residents of the other nations with their Cédula de Identidade Estrangeiro.

Note: Despite not needing your passport, one should never travel to another country without their passport, if for no other reason to prove their citizenship should they require Consular assistance from their country's Embassy or Consulate while they travel.

James Experts Team

Argentina and Paraguay Definitely do too....I know because I've been there
and I think Venezuela does as well.

I think Venezuela depends on your citizenship. If you're an American citizen they require your passport and a visa from what I've heard.

I also have heard that Argentina charges an entry tax. Can't say how much it is though.

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whats about Uruguay?can i also enter in Uruguay without visa if i have CIE of Brazil?Please give
me solid information,,,

I think we paid R$40 to go to Argentina

Uruguay does not accept the CIE. They only allow visa free travel for born Brazilians and they require their RG (Registro Geral). The countries listed in my other reply are the only ones that accept the CIE.

James Experts Team

It must have to do with the Passport - The South African Passport is definitely one of the best passports to Travel Latin America on - no visa's anywhere except Bolivia of all places , they charge some entrence fee ,but it's useless in Europe and North America

I have been to Argentina on my CIE and not payed any fee....
I will try to enter Uragauy on my CIE when I go there and see what happens when I go there

Hello Jaames,
Just stumbled on this site.I wanted to know a few things abut the RNE. i have a quick question. i recently got my RNE and i will be having my first paid vacation next year and i would like to travel. im a So i was researching and saw all these great countries n Europe that are visa free for Brazil. my question is does visa free apply to people who hold a brazilian RNE card or is it just for people who hold the brazilian passport?
Thanks in advance and look forward to frequenting this

only the Brazilian can travel freely in South America on your RNE,Mercosul countries , but outside south america it won't help you

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James is no more with us. He passed on earleir this year. Others in the community can be of help though. I think the Europe free-travel is only for the Brazilian Passport and not for RNE holders.

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The RNE is the registration number. It will appear on your card. I believe that your CIE will arrive at the embassy where you applied. You should go there and ask them to explain it to you.

Nah pick the CIE up with the federal police in register with a federal police then they order it from Brasilia

He stated that he got it through the consulate where he lives. i think he will probably get it from the consulate where he applied.

He got the VIPER at his consulate....just like's normal, to get the CIE card you have to register the viper in Brazil,within 30 days of arrival, trust me there is no other way. You HAVE to collect the CIE in person from federal police in Brazil and it involves quite a complex registration process with various fees and documents.

Dear Mukhtar,

Congratulations that you got Viper Visa.i am here in Brazil.Please give me your Whats app no.

i want to discuss somethings with you on whats app.

Dear all,

I am just commenting as I am either very confused or there has been updates to the system.

I picked up my RNE last week and the staff member at the Federal Police stated I did not need a VIPER.

On the back of my RNE there is my fingerprint, photo and barcode.

Am I right in assuming these are features that were only on a CIE previously?

If so, I'm am assuming foreigners no longer need a VIPER or CIE?


The card you picked up is your CIE. The RNE is not a card it is the registration of your visa. The permanent visa is known as the viper.


Hello Jim

Thank you, that makes sense!
The card says my classification is Permanent so why would I need VIPER?



It is your viper. You don't need anything else just keep it renewed and don't stay out of Brazil more than 2 years.


Wow how sad. He was so helpful throughout the last few years as I was reading this site. Thanks for the update though.

So, as an extension to the whole RNE cum CIE subject; while we were going through the Vista Permanente União Estavel paces we seem to remember reading somewhere that after the CIE was obtained, exactly 6 months after, then one could apply for a Brazilian Passport. Does anyone here have any information about this? Thanks ahead of time. :)

You cannot get the passport with the RNE/CIE.


We have brazilian child. Where can we apply for RNE and civil ID ?
And can we apply for both of them at same time ?
What are the required dox ?
Does the law grant the Brazilian baby grandmother RNE too?

Many thanks for assistance


hey jim,
how are you? its jay.just wanted to ask if there is a way to keep track of CIE / RNE issuance. kinda like is there a site to check if its already ready so i can go pick it up?
any info from you will be very useful



Yes there is a site. I am in the USA right now and I don't have access to my files. When I was awaiting mine I called the PF to check on it.


Hi Jay

Please find the link to follow your process of the issuance of the CIE listed below, the info required to be filled in can be found in the Protocolo that has been issued by the Policia Federal

Policia Federal - CIE/RNE issuance process check

Hello every one

I applied for RNE and got it, however still waiting for the Card. Would i be able to travel out of Brazil and back again as I have the RNE number??

Hello every one,,,

I have permanent residency and would like to obtain residency for my children. Their mom is divorced. How can i have residency for my kids??

Yes you can travel. You should contact PF and let them know of your plan. When your CIE arrives you will need to pick it up in person. They will only hold it so long and then send it back to Brasilia.


What do you mean by so long ?!

I have 4 childern from my ex wife . My ex wife and I are divorced 3 years ago. I need to obtain residency for my kids. My ex wife passed away about 6 months ago. Would I be able to apply for residency to my children alone by my self?? If yes what are the required documents?

Thanks and apprecaited

Maybe a couple weeks.

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