Looking to learn the French language

Hello everybody,

My name is Rajiv  and hail from India.

Working in Casa and high time I spoke the native language.
Searching for some people to help me improve my French, having discussions in French etc.
I can help in English .

Thank u !

Hello Rajiv,

Welcome on board  :)

I suggest you drop an advert in the Language exchange in Casablanca section of the website. You will get more chances of finding someone.

All the best

Thanks Bhavna,

That sure helped. Much appreciated.


You might want to take note that French is not the native language.  It's not even an official language here. Many people in Casablanca speak French because it's sometimes used in business.  Other cities in Morocco not so much.  Learn Darija or Arabic if you really want to pay your respects to the culture and meet and speak with the locals.

Hello Rajiv,
You're welcome in Casablanca,
I speak french fluently, so I can help you!

Hi saidamft.

I am also very much interested to learn french.. do you teach by charges or for free.. if so, how much per hour? Pls pm me.. sending u request  ;)

Thank you.


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