Marriage Preparation Visa to Switzerland

Hello everyone,

I am a Philippines passport holder and would like to ask your help and experiences regarding Finance Visa and taking up residence in Switzerland before marriage (for marriage purposes).

What documents should I have to prepare and be translated to any Swiss national language?

When I have to make my appointment to the embassy of Switzerland in the Philippines?

Kindly help me please when you have ideas. I will be very grateful for your response. Thank you so much



Why not just ask at the Swiss embassy in your country? You'd get the answers you are seeking and they will be official. Not the thoughts of people who aren't in a position to give you legal advice.

Please get in Touch with the Swiss Embassy in Manila or Check its Website for all Visa relevant Information. I strongly advice you to Follow exactly what is mentioned on the Website. Only properly prepared Documents and Files will be treated.
I so work Miself at a Swiss Embassy and Dealing with this Kind of issue Daily.


Thank you for all the response. I have contacted the Swiss Embassy last 2.Feb and got the exact details.


So how is your Fiancee Visa Application going?
I am also waiting for mine.


Patience is a virtue... That is all you can do now after submiting the documents and doing all the necessary for the processing.

It took me just over a month to get my type D Visa in 2013.

Good luck!

Meanwhile, enjoy every single day of your stay in our country. You will surely miss many things once you reside here in Switzerland most esp. the Filipino food! ;-)

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