Looking for Korean friends

Hello all, I'm a 19yrs old university student ( I'd be 20 in korean age) I'm looking for some korean friends who can teach me korean, I'm so interested in korean language, thanks.

I'm Dich. I'm from vietnam. I want to make more friend. But i can't. I would like to talk with anyone by english everyday and find a friend who can teach me korea language. Thanks all

je suis corenne.
je voudrais qu`on fasse une echange de langue francais et coreen


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Orangeu j'aimerais bien faire votre connaissance, Je suis Marocaine et je parle arabe,  français et Anglais, si vous êtes intéressée envoyez moi un message en privée :)

Translation to English :
Orangeu, I'd love to get to know you, I am Moroccan and I can speak arabic, french and English, contact me in private if you're interested :)

I'm Ola, a university student, planning to do masters in South Korea. I'm looking for Korean friends who I can interact with frequently and teach me korean language.

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