Looking for musician to form a band

Hello everyone, I'm looking for musicians to join my band, preferably a bassist and a drummer. If anyone wants to join you can contact me. Cheers  :)

Hello SleazeCreaze,

I suggest you drop an advert in the Artists, musicians in Riyadh section of the website. You might get some contacts.

All the best

Oh i didnt know, thank you

are you guys any good? i play the harmonica

Well, we do our best, but i think im an 'okay' musician and guitarist. Harmonica could come in handy sometimes. Do you play/want to learn any other instrument? Thanks for the reply

I like to join..I can play bass or rhytim guitar

I want to know if you guys jam english songs. heheheheh, can check on my smule @kitchiepanget  :D  :rolleyes:

Awesome, ill message you

whats your music genre?

Classic rock/modern hard rock

hi im looking for a band who can perform for 1 day here in Riyadh one of the western compound exit 8? do you know somebody?

Hi. I am from Cape Town and will arrive in Riyadh around start of September. I am a keyboard player but trained classically. So, need some practice to gig in pop or jazz, blues, etc.

hi i will give u the number of muhammad his young but his good he play jazz gitar *** myb u can look for a bass guitasist to make a band

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Add slease creaze here

any bassists in the house ?

I want to learn guitar. are you conducting class ?

great .. we can join ..... contact me please ...

what type of music u want to play?

yeah ,,, a friend of mine is playing bass guitar ...

Im a drummer sir ...fill me in

jappo sagario :

Im a drummer sir ...fill me in

send me your no.

Hi everyone,

As a reminder, i invite those who are looking for an artist to post an ad in the Artists, musicians in Riyadh section.

Thank you,

Priscilla team  :cheers:

hey could you connect me with your bassist friend

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