korean/japanese people living in Morocco

Hello everyone, well as you can see from the title I am looking for korean or Japanese people who are currently living in Morocco,

I have been interested in korean culture for about 5 years or so, when I was in high school, and would be really thrilled to meet korean residents in Morocco who would teach me about their korean language, food, traditions...etc if you are korean or know one make a sign,

I'll be really glad to get to know you thank you all for reading my text , also for Japan I got curious about it from animes, and then started watching jdorama and was so hooked

I would love to visit such a beautiful country one day and see those wonderful sakura trees that I was able to see in Tv   :heart:

I've been searching too for korean people... To be honest I meet a lot of asian people especially japanese and korean people.. I had japanese neighbours and a korean classmate but now they moved.. But I didn't have a really good relationship with them... I wasn't interested before that :((.. But when they quite around, I had interest in asian culture.. Korean culture in first place.. It is sad, isn't it? :(

SooAh where do you live? I've never had asian neighbors (wish I did) I'm currently learning Korean, and the teacher is korean luckily :D

hello , can i ask you if you got the chance to meet a korean teacher ? cause i want to learn the language , thank you

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