How to get Marriage in Riyadh

Asslam O Alikum! i m a muslim boy from Pakistan and wants to marry with a christian phlipino girl, can u guide me what is the process and she is ready to become muslim.. his brother is also here. Please guide me. Thank You
what is the process & where is marriage court in riyadh. can i found any vakeel who can guide me in the process of paper work

Hi Saim,

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Here is an article that might give you some insights : How to register a Marriage in Saudi Arabia

Contact your embassies first and follow the steps.

Hope it helps

It's a bit complicated as you two are from different nationalities and religions.

I can share with you the contact details of someone who works in the marriage court. You can put all his questions to him. Send me a personal message (PM) to get the contact.

Assalamu Alaikum
Can you help me out i wanted to get marry in Ksa what is the procedure,
and iam finding bride here to get married, if you know anything about these please let me know.............

I think for non Saudi's to get married or do the official marriage papers you have to get back to your embassy to know the process in details cause it differs ,
wish you guys good luck .. :)

Thank you for your information brother

Why do you specifically need a Christian who will covert? Why not just take a Muslim already

Love is blind.

If girl the girl is ready what's the harm?

love is love my dear. if they love each others then whats the issue.. let them marry and enjoy.

well l don't see any problem with long there have agree...

Assalam alaeikum
I would like to ask how to get married Herr in Riyadh. I'm also a revert to Muslim and have decided to marry as well.

My future partner is now seeking legal advise but I do want to know what to do in this case. We are gathering papers to do things legal.  His parent has also agreed to our relationship. As for me, I do not have a Wakeel (male Muslim Guardian)  as my employer don't bother with regards to my personal issue. My partner is a Pakistani.

I hope someone with give light to my situation.

Hi , how I can connected  with you I told you everything about that's.

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