Schools in KL ? Living and working in Bangsar

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We are moving to KL from the uk in June. My husband will be working in Bangsar where we also hope to live. I have 2 children aged 11 and 7...can anyone help me with advice on schools's a daunting prospect as we've never lived overseas before....
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We're from the UK too and have just moved to Desa Park City. Suggest you have a recce run and check the schools / living areas out.

British School - My two are going there 13&8
International School KL
Moby Kiara Intl School
Garden Intl
Australian School
Alice Smith
International School Desa Park

Any advice I'm happy to support.

PS - it is daunting and the best piece of advice I received was not to over think it...worked so far.

You are going to love Malaysia ... as long as you have an open mind.
If you think of everything in the UK, forget it and start again (except some red telephone boxes).
The place is full of a million wonders, and it's generally very safe.

If you're a shopper, just wait until you see the malls - they make Friars square look like a corner shop ... and there are loads of them.

...and the food, the lovely food, the wonderful food ...mmmmmmm

Thank you so much I think I've definitely been over thinking....especially late at night!!! I'm hoping it all falls in to place once we arrive! My mum lived in KL for 5 years and we visited many times but very different when you're just on holiday!!

Hi you will love Malaysia if paid 25k per month or more or your company pays school bills and get 15k. Anything under and oh dear.

Assuming your you are paid above that it is Asia light really. But beware of culture shock after a few months. Google it and be prepared. Make friends and visit British pubs once in while. Nothing like a guiness and some moaning about the weather Brits to make one feel like Malaysia is great!

I think Bangsar is a really nice area to live because of the shops, restaurants and malls and the more relaxed atmosphere. I know a few people who send their kids to Alice Smith School, although this is quite a far away. The British International School is in PJ and then there are a couple of good International Schools in Mont Kiara. Hopefully the cost of schooling is covered by your expat package as they are far from cheap. I did hear that Alice Smith is a bit cheaper than the others but it is still expensive. I've had a look at the British one and Garden International School in Mont Kiara and they are really nice. They may also be the closest ones to Bangsar

Hi, Malaysia is an absolute treasure. I have been living here for almost 5 years now and I still can't get enough of it. My wife and children loves the wild, unplanned trips that we take to explore the rural areas in Malaysia. So, don't worry, you'll be fine over here.
About the schools, IMHO, they are all over-rated. I sent my kids to one of the best (not to mention expensive) school in KL. But all I got in return was poor grades. So, I investigated and found that the teachers were not actually teaching, but merely passing time with the students. So, I switched schools (to another 'top-tier' school) only to find similar issues arising. Then, I met a guy. He is a doctor and very experienced tutor. We hired him to tutor our children and he was just amazing. My daughter actually asked me to cancel the vacation just so she won't miss his class (much to my horror! I was so looking forward to the vacation).
Anyway, my wife and I decided to place our children under homeschool with Dr Faizul(that's his name). A few other parents decide to do the same and so now he is opening a small 'Smart School' himself. 10 students per class and proper extracurricular programs included (my son needs that swimming lesson to drain all the sugar out). It will commence this July, and we are looking forward to it. The best part, parents are always involved in all the decision making. You should give him a call or send an email. I highly recommend it. It's much easier on the pocket (My firm pays for it, btw) and most importantly, I see results that I wanted. Good luck.

And oh, his email is

He is on facebook too.

Accommodation wise, you may want to look towards Mont Kiara, Bukit Damansara, Hartamas areas. Are you looking for a house or apartment? Will both your husband and you have a car each? There are several international schools in close proximity to the areas I mentioned above, which might work out better for you if your family only has one car.

I'm sure many others on this forum will help with their thoughts and experiences. Good luck, and I hope you settle in quickly! :-)

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Thanks to those who inboxed me. My apologies. Good luck.

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