Craft groups - Flic en Flac, Tamarin?

Sounds good to me- how will I recognise you? 😆😆

sorry that i could not join you but I was working late.

Sorry I missed this yesterday, how did your meeting go? When is the next one?

The meeting went very well. You'll soon have news for the next one.

Hi all, Genevieve and I had a good meeting 😊 and discussed lots of ideas. We thought it would be good to arrange another one for this week. I can only do Friday night, what about others?  😄

Friday is ok for me

Hi Natalie,, am visiting the Island at present with intentions of perhaps staying if an opportunity arises,
I am a principal leather worker for 40 years and also have a vast knowledge in all the other crafts, rug making, knitting, crochet, sewing,, !! Multi- talented and creative!!
Am house sitting, which I would also like to establish internationally,, just spent a year in Australia doing same...also taking care of a 2 acre private estate doing all their garden maintenance and reconstructive landscaping for which I have my papers,, lots of possibilities!!
We can chat,, I am staying in Black River!!

Friday is good for me

Ok, let's say friday- 7.30? Where? Maffiozo was way too loud last time.....any suggestions?

Any other suggestions for the where yet? I only ever usually use mafiosso or sometimes Kenzi bar but both will be loud.
will you confirm the time and place?

A new place has just opened on the coastal road near the Clinique de l'Occident. We could try this.

Interesting...what is it called? Wherever we agree to meet,  is 7.30 ok?

I think I know where you mean, is it kind of white looking inside and fairly close to Om Spa?

Yes, that's it. I think it's less noisy. Let say 7h30 there.

Great see you there, how will I recognise you?

I have blonde hair, so will probably stand out a bit. You?

Hi Annatogs,
Would love to know how one becomes an international house sitter?

Brown shoulder length hair and glasses

Great, will keep my eyes peeled 😉
So I know I am going to the right place, I think I saw it today- quite small.....?

Yes think so and has a few tables outside

I have a whole lot of beads I am trying to get rid off. If anyone is interested in buying please whatsapp me **

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Hi Natalie

I'm currently working on a schedule to run short interior design and decoration workshops on the west coast, realistically around June. I used to run very successful courses in Dubai so if you're interested, and know of anyone else who may be, then please stay in touch and I will let you know when I'm ready to start.


Hi all, There is a weekly art and crafts class held each Wednesday morning 9-12 in the building in front of Black River Church, all sorts of art and crafts are covered, knittting, crichet, painting, ceramics, quilting etc etc

It is called Wednesday Art and Craft Mornings, it has a FB page but I think it is secret group the description says:
The focus of this Group is not only to enjoy and encourage one another with our individual creative skills but also to invite friends and new-comers to the island to join us and meet new friends within the community.

These social Wednesday mornings are a lot of fun and even if you feel you are not creatively minded, you will be surprised at how many art & crafts projects you could be interested in!

Many of you wish to be involved with Community related work and have been knitting or crocheting various items for distribution to the under-privileged. We can direct those who wish to work within the Community.

From time to time structured group lessons are offered in various art forms. Fees are only charged for tutored classes. In the main, you are encouraged to bring along whatever project you wish to embark on. As there are many talented members, help, encouragement and assistance is willingly shared.

I have added you to the FB page Emma so that you can see and read about it.

I know some of the ladies who go to it live in Flic en Flac.

If anyone wants the contact details of the lady who organises it, give me a message and I will forward you her details.

Thanks Dee,
I'm off work at the moment so might take a look at this 😀

Hi Barbara

There's an excellent website called Those who wish to become international house (and usually pet) sitters have to go through a security check, provide references etc. I haven't been one, but used the service when I lived in Dubai. It worked really well and the three occasions we were away we had sitters from Germany and England. They were great. I'm currently in a situation where I'm going away for 2 weeks on Saturday and have recently rescued three abandoned kittens. I've tried everything including PAWS, the Mauritius Society for Animal Welfare and my local vet, to find someone to live in and look after them, to no avail. If I had more time I would have advertised on After all, who wouldn't want to pet/house sit in Mauritius!

Good luck!

Have you put your request for a house sitter on BRM or island mums etc on FB ??
I use house sitters all the time as do many if my friends who live in Black River/Tamarin/Flic en Flac, obviously you have to pay them but don't think it will be as much for kittens as it is for 4 dogs 😉

Thanks Rosie. Will certainly give them a try next time

Please join if you are on Facebook

Why don't you start one.  ;) I'll join you in a month.


We have now moved to Trou aux Biches. Hence, Flic en Falc is a little far for me. Anymore nearer to the North and would like to meet up?


I'm British married to a Mauritian but live overseas in the UAE, we do visit Mauritius so would be nice to meet a few likeminded people and have some 'friends' of my own 😁 Love love love crafting, upcycling anything creative!

Hello Fayevourite, feel free to contact when you come. Where will you be staying?


Is there a good online craft supplier? Or any store in the North or Quatre Bornes? Where do you buy your craft meterials??


Hi Rosiewestie

I have just moved to Tamarin and would very much like to join a craft related group.
With that in mind could you please send me the contact details of the lady who organizes craft classes in Black River.

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