Semi-long term rental for students in Rio de Janeiro/Sao Paulo

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Dear expats of Brazil,

I would like some help with finding some apartment/studio rentals for students in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. My partner and I are starting a business to help Belgian students with an international internship in Brazil.

Therefore, we also want to provide assistance with rental. My specific question to you is if there is an organization that specializes in this type of rentals or perhaps you know someone that rents out several studios/apartments for a reasonable price?

Your help is appreciated a lot!

Thank you so much in advance,


Prezados brasileiros,

Eu quero sua ajuda de achar uns appartamentos ou studios para estudiantes belgas no Rio de Janeiro ou São Paulo. Meu parceiro e eu começam um negócio para ajudar estudiantes belgas com fazer um intercâmbio de estágios aqui no Brasil.

Por isso, a gente quer fornecer ajuda com o aluguel. A minha pergunta específica para você é se existe uma organização especializada neste tipo de locação ou talvez você conhece alguém que aluga vários estúdios / apartamentos por um preço razoável?

Sua ajuda é apreciada muito!

Muito obrigado antecipadamente,


Hello Margot,

By law rental contracts in Brazil are for a fixed period of thirty (30) months. Rent increases may only take place on the anniversary date of the rental contract. If one breaks the contract during the first 12 months there is a contractual fine equal to the remainder of the 12 months. This contractual fine no longer has force from the 13th month of the contract onward and one only need give the required notice to vacate (usually equal to the number of months of rent held as deposit). If you are renting through an agent or realtor, it is highly unlikely that you will find any who will agree to a shorter contract period, since there are penalties.

About the only way to find a shorter rental period would be to rent directly through the owner of the property. This certainly involves a lot more legwork than renting through an agent, since you need to physically cruise around neighborhoods looking for rental signs "aluga-se apartamento - trata com dono" and contact them individually until you're able to negotiate the kind of deal you're looking for. Many will insist on a 30 month contract anyway, but if you have the ability to pay the entire amount of the rent for the period you're looking for, they may be convinced. Money really does talk here in Brazil.

Another problem with renting here in Brazil is that you are more often than not required to pay the equivalent of several months rent (at least 2) as a deposit and/or provide a "fiador" (guarantor) who by law must be a Brazilian, reside in the same city, and be a property owner. Failing having a "fiador" you may be required to obtain private rental insurance, which is rather costly too.

Some other factors to be aware of:

1. Tenants are required to pay any condominium fees that may be applicable, there may in fact be two, one external if in a large complex having several buildings, this covers expenses related to external common areas. The other will be internal, and relates to upkeep, cleaning, maintenance, lighting of internal common areas. Depending on the building it may cover water and gas, but you need to find out. Condominium fees are traditionally quite high and can in effect be almost like an additional rent payment in some cases.

2. The law here in Brazil, unlike most other countries, provides for the landlord to pass the cost of property taxes (IPTU) on to the tenant. It is one of the few countries I know of where a tenant is forced to pay the taxes on a fixed asset that someone else owns. Completely unfair and immoral, but here it's quite legal.

3. Tenants should have private fire insurance coverage not only for contents, but also includes fire liability and third party liability, remember if you are held responsible for a fire in a large building that could mean paying for numerous other apartment units and certain financial ruin.

Good luck with your search, but I can tell you from my 14 years experience in Brazil it is not going to be easy.

James Experts Team

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James Experts Team

Dear James,

thank you for your quick answer. However, a spare room be possible as well (to avoid all the rules with fiadores and all). I would like to ask you another question on another subject as well. Would you prefer that I make another post or can I just ask it below?

Thank you in advance,

Hi Margot,

If it involves rentals you can ask it here. To keep on topic if it is about something else it would be best to start a new topic.

James Experts Team

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