Best cities to live in Panama


It’s not always easy to decide in which area to settle in when moving to Panama. According to you, what are the best cites to live in?

Which regions offer most of the job opportunities, a good quality of life, an affordable cost of living?

Share with us the cities you would recommend to expats and soon-to-be expats in Panama.

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Boquete, for its climate
Coronado if you like the beaches
Panama city if you like the hustle and Bustle
El Valle if you want tranquility and climate
Penonome if you lke the country side
Pedasi if you like to surf

Darryl, good summarization of locations, though you didn't include the downside of each.  For us, though we lived at least a short while in each on your list, plus Volcan, the climate became the overriding factor.  Ultimately, we settled on Cerro Azul for its perfect climate, good security, comfortable community and outstanding access to Panama City.

I was going to mention Cerro Azul, but it gets the best of your car brakes and ever so far from everything..My neighbors gardner who lives up there was bitten by a garden snake and died ... did not get to the hospital on time.

Boquete is a pleasant city but shopping is extremely limited.  You need to go into David for anything even vaguely non-basic.  When renting/buying a residence, make sure you are in an area with water.  There places with nice homes that do not have a dependable water supply due to a local squabble among governments about who is responsible for supplying water.  Many owners have resorted to digging their own wells.

I do hereby say...hurrah for you...this is so true about the water and now that most of these new projects beyond city limits are digging wells to supply the water to all these new  projects in the beach and mountain. Wells are drying up and soon  more water.

I have not touched a basic problem...where do you go for emergency medical care...For those who live in Altos del Maria and elsewhere this is a very touchy subject.
The wife of a friend of mine who moved there....died after a snake bit her and later her husband had a heart attack and didn't make it to the medical facility on time.

we visited cerro azul, and the chicken manure from the melo plants, was just overwhelming, unless we came in the wrong day?? and wanted to see some of the residental areas and did not see any, unless they are gated??

Darryl, you have also missed our area!!! But I forgive you, cause it is very small, and most people don't know about it.  But we, my husband & I, think it is the very best place in all of Panama!, Why??? a)  very close and accessible to hospital or medical clinics (20 mins.).  b) away from it all, nature right beside you, WITH ocean views!!, c) Panama city is only a 40 min., drive if you need to go in, no need for a hotel. d) beaches are a stones throw away, if you have the urge  e)shopping available, coronado, la chorreara, or costa verde, only A 25 min. drive. f) bus service to your house g) no 40 min. off road drive to the house, 10 min. h) great neighbours and no theft so far!!

I forgot, we always have water, access to internet services, etc. and moderate climate, where do we live??. altos campana.  and our house is for rent!!

How do I get to your place????? You say you rent rooms???? Price per room????
Ive ben up to Chica.

why don't you come over, after carnival, then we can talk?

i am not sure, i am sending u private messages, i hope I am?

Sounds good. What is yr cel #.?????

hi, I don't have one right now, was with movistar, but want to switch back to claro.  will update you, when I get my new number, but we have old phones so emailing me directly, is the best way to reach us. tx

Ok be well and let us know!!!!!

What 'area' do you live in?

I live in the Bella Vista area. 2 bocks from the Bay of Panama or Balboa Ave.

hi darryl,
pls. correct me if i am wrong, but i thought you were the gentleman i was corresponding with awhile ago, during carnival and you own some property in Campana?  We might b going to pc real soon, would you like to meet? or let us know when you are out our way, altos de campana,
kathy parsons

Great...CALL ME WHEN IN PC    394-3973

See you soon!

Where I'm Panama do you live? What is the rental prices like?  We live in Rincon or. We have a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom with solar water heater a cistern and water is included. We have ocean views from the front and back of our house. We are 10 mins to beaches supermarkets and town center and we pay $500 a month.

Can you be more specific as to where Rincon is....What province of Panama.
I live in El Cangrejo, Bella Vista .

I have a country cottage in Campana, but do not live there. Live in Panama city most of the time.

Currently I live in Rincon Puerto rico

Currently I live in Rincon Puerto rico   sorry for the spell check errors.  I am trying to compare prices in Panama to the prices I pay for my rental in Puerto rico

rents are very high in Panama. youre better off in PR

does anybody have information about living
along the canal between the City of knowledge and Gamboa
between Tocumen and Cerro Azul
along transistmica between Panama city and Colon

@ triffic > What would you like to know exactly? Do you wish to know that if these places are good to live or not?


Priscilla  :cheers:

What about areas other than David or Boquete? How is Dolega or Gualaca for example.Thanks. David.

does anybody have information about living in the areas I posted

I am looking at Boquete as a retirement community with my significant other, I am planning on visiting in October or November this year.  I am an older gent looking to rent at first. Renting a car and driving about to see the countryside environs etc.  I am most active outgoing, and may start a small business.  I do not speak Spanish but can learn quickly.  If there are any good ex pats in Boquete I would like to hook up and banter questions and ideas about thanks Bob.

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