Best cities to live in Morocco


It’s not always easy to decide in which area to settle in when moving to Morocco. According to you, what are the best cites to live in?

Which regions offer most of the job opportunities, a good quality of life, an affordable cost of living?

Share with us the cities you would recommend to expats and soon-to-be expats in Morocco.

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For access to Western-lifestyle and similar social culture - Casablanca and Marrakech

For beach and sun and coastline - Agadir and Essaouira

For non-tourist related career and employment opportunities - Casablanca and Rabat

For tourist related career and employment opportunities - Marrakech and Agadir

For big city life - Casablanca

For peacefulness - Chefchaouen, Fes and Essaouira

For singles - Casablanca

For ethnic-sensiblity - Casablanca, Rabat and anything southwest of it!

For music and culture - Agadir

Low-cost living - Agadir, Tangier

That was helpful.

I could not agree more, except that I would shuffle in Tangier a little more as I think this city is wurth thinking about too :)

I think Tangier is/can be amazing if you are non-Black or brown-looking Westerner. Policies surrounding African immigrants and tight border controls between Morocco and the EU have created a hostile environment for ethnic persons, and specifically Sub-Saharan African-looking people. Simply because I look African, I was labeled as Zimbawean after presenting my VALID and FRESHLY STAMPED non-Zimbawean non-developing nation passport. My hotel receptionist became my customs officer without permission and tried to convince ME that my real identity was not that of a Western country but, of one I have NEVER been to in my life. I don't hate Tangier but it is definitely NOT at the top of my list and that's with or without the new port! The King seriously needs to address educating His people about the continent they share AND open Moroccan eyes to history concerning Black Westernizations!!

Hello again Julien,

Hope you are well.  When I first came to Morocco to live it was in Casablanca.  Since I teach Conversational English there was a large demand for that in Casa.  The nightlife, the shopping for women, and the opportunity to meet people is better there.  Since then I am working here in Meknes, which is an Imperial City,  I have found my way, a haircutter, good apartment, in Casa it was good but a bit on the expensive side, place to get a good pedicure which is a comodity here in Morocco.  I felt as if I was in the twilight zone when I had my first pedicure here, they put your feet in a Clairol Foot Massager, I almost laughed out loud I really had to control myself.  But the souks, the old medina and the shopping in Hemira are great and there is a great little supper club that I love here.  OK, take care and stay well, happy hunting,


I spend one year in Marrakech as riad manager.  Its not easy but its possible. If you wonna live/work in Casablanca I suggest to you to learn french ASAP. Actuallly I suggest it to you genarally. Its just easier to live/work in Morocco with french/english combination. Other cities like Agadir, Tangier and Fes are ok but it really depends on your expectations. I was even one month in Zagora but to small for me.
From time to time you find some expats hiding in small cities and villages but its usually women living with moroccan guy.
If I would find job there I would choose Casablanca. I dont know why but I was able to make more friends in Casa in 3 weeks than in one year in Kech.

Nice topic!
I lived in Casablanca and Tangiers.
I liked them both!❤💚
Soon I will open a villa hotel in Tangiers.
So you know already where my preference goes too😊

i think depends on the age. young age will love noise and mess of Casablanca lifestyle while older ones will love quiet places with some sea views if possible :)
myself i would prefer Tangier, Agadir or Ifren

Agadir for me.....nice beach, people used to tourists ( they under- 'just looking' and have fixed prices in souks), relatively clean streets, warm but not too hot even in winter

Taroudant is not far away,what do you think of it and Essaouira, how do they compare?

I would recommend my native city "Taroudannt ".very safe and suitable for low budget travellers.the weather is so pleasant and people are very friendly.

Hi Julien,

It depends what work you are going to do?

If it's in Industry may be the best Cities would be Rabat, Tanger or Casablanca.

If it's in Tourism Marrakech or FES i think. Any way it depends.

I wish you a good luck and availaible to help for any other sugestion;


Thanks for your suggestions, very helpful.

hello i am from morocco i was visit lot tawn in morocco and i live in khemisset city it's nice tawn  its wetween rabat and meknes and  it's calm and Environment and climate it's cool because here not the pollution and easy to do any project  it's cool for a business so you are welcome if you want to know more i am abdel

Let's see, I feel like casablanca is a very nice place if you'r around 21-35. Then from 35 upwards, I believe Marrakech, Rabat or fes will be perfect. Fes  if you want to have some peace for a while and go a bit wild sometimes because the night life is to die for and the people are friendly. Rabat If you want to also have some peace and quite. Though accommodation there ranges from 5-9 thousand dirhams every month for a nice apartment. And you can enjoy the PLAGE and their Medina is pretty cheap with lot of things available. Marrakech I believe is similar to casablanca in a lot of ways, though I believe the people in Marrakech are more friendly than casablanca because they are used to tourists hence no racism and discomfort. Accommodation in Marrakech is kind of the same thing with Rabat but slightly higher by 500 DHS or so, and it has the best night life in morocco if you ask me no matter what your personality is, there will be an option for you e.g the jama'al Fnaa in the night for the explorers and several clubs if you want to have fun.and the restaurants there have wide range of cuisines to choose from and that's a plus. Not to mention adventurous things like hiking, diving, Sahara trips, the hot air balloon, visiting the Atlas mountain covered in snow during winter e.t.c. At the end, no matter where you are in morocco, you will still be intrigued by it......

Can I ask tangier a cooler climate ? Thanx in advance

As you wish depend of the mood  :idontagree:


Hello everyone,

@ hbachou, will appreciate if you could give some reasons behind your answer.

All the best,

plus than marrakech is an historical city , marrakech is from one hour than beach of asfi one hour than montain 2 hours from sahara and its is in the middle of sawira ourasasat agadir

Hi sir julien... for me, MARRAKECH.. cheaper and clean place. I was in casablanca gor slmost 4years but when i do my weekend here, i leave casablanca and my work either.. bcause i feel better here..... anyway, casablanca is nice city but too crowded...

Can anyone tell n the benefits of living in Tangier?  I have read alot about it and think this is a good fit. Also I work in healthcare in the States and was wondering how that would translate to a job in Morocco?


Interested in tangier also...

what must i pay for decent apartment per month. is there an English community there in meknes. Are you close to fez

Hi there
I'm living in Tangier since this august, what I can say is that the town is very nice, life is quiet expensive comparatively to other towns (this is what native people say, I didn't live in other towns to say if it's true)
There is no big traffic comparatively to casablanca or big capitals like Algiers or Paris, the climate is OK, not hot at all in summer (don't need AC very windy), not that cold in winter, but houses are cold inside since most houses are without central heating (don't know if this is general in Morocco), You can have both western and native way of life depens on the district you choose.
Myself being new here, this all I can say,
hope this can help.

Of course it depends on you and what you seek...

For me the best four places to live in Morocco for young-single/couple/young family/ professionals...

Casablanca (Real Mega City) - multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and always growing in population, has a good balance of Moroccan locals and lifestyle mixed in with Western-lifestyle. Great place to network, party and find work! High cost of living but with higher salaries. Transport is the worst but there are many renovations, restorations and developments going on all over the city. It's my Moroccan NYC!! It is a place for industry. Work hard, party hard, sleep little, etc.

Marrakech (Real City)-  if you are young hipster or rich, you will love it. Great place for startups wanting to network and venture out. There's almost nothing really Moroccan there. It's a Western oasis in the middle of a huge valley. Perfect for consumption of all sorts at western prices. Infrastructure is better than many of the other cities. You can find most of what you want if you can afford it.

Essaouira  (Downbeat Village) - It's on its own time and I often feel like I'm on an island when I go there. It's not only super cheap but, there is a kind of spirit that mesmerizes me when I spend a day or two there. Home of the Gnawa music festival, and various other festivals, the village has an ancient Kasbah and old Portuguese ruins that are being renovated. Some antiques and boutiques can be found throughout the old medina. Mostly everyone speaks basic English. Some might say the French never left because they are just sprawling there all year round. Regardless, its a perfect place to raise a family or to retire. Great place if you want to start a seasonal tourist-based business.

Chefchaouen (Upbeat Village) - The only place I drink water from the tap in Morocco. Very safe, very family-oriented. Fresh air and lots of nature in the surrounding area, like Achour Mountain. Chefchaouen is the Blue City and they keep it sooooooo clean!! It's not very diverse but, it's a huge tourist destination so, locals are very welcoming and kind. Most speak moderate English, fewer speak Spanish and French! Many kitsch restaurants and hidden shops and mini-Moroccan courtyards that are really breath-taking.

Hello... bonjour,
Although I did not ask the question, it was on my mind.
Merci... merci for taking the time to share your thoughts and impressions.

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