Best cities to live in Greece


It’s not always easy to decide in which area to settle in when moving to Greece. According to you, what are the best cites to live in?

Which regions offer most of the job opportunities, a good quality of life, an affordable cost of living?

Share with us the cities you would recommend to expats and soon-to-be expats in Greece.

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They are all the same. And you need to respect Greek culture and norms. Depends..One place same as another.If you are a culture vulture..  historian ..archaeologist et al locations are diverse..Salonika more affected by Byzantina e Osman culture..
Go to Athens..

In my opinion Athens is spectacular. Pangrati/mets/kolonaki give proximity to the center plus historic neighborhoods.

I recently went to Xania after not having been for 6 years - what an international little Mecca? Very creative people and loads of expats. I could live there!

In my opinion, Athens is the best place to live in Greece.
1.    Athens is a historical place.
2.    It is a place where one can meet friends easily and feel at home.
3.    Most of the foreigners in Greece live in Athens and it will be familiar to you.
4.  The expense for cost of living is cheaper in Athens.
5...Athens is Located in the centre of Greece.
6.  Athens is a convenient transportation hub for the Greek islands and road trips to the mainland.
7. It is full of historical and chronological places to visit, due to the long history and rich culture.
8.  Athens is also an interesting place for sightseeing. The Acropolis, the Ancient Agora, the Roman Agora, the Hellenic Parliament and the neoclassical trilogy is among the top ancient sites to visit in the Greece’s amazing capital.

9. Most of the Embassies and the representatives of foreign countries are in Athens.
10. The head office of the authorities dealing with work and resident permit applications are in Athens.

Many young Greek people that I speak with really love Patra,very lively fun city on the Pelopenese,they love the chance to study there if they can.Many Greeks say they love Thesaloniki as well,preferring it to Athens and they seem to prefer the people there too.,so I guess its all a personal thing really.

Just to add to the above subject,I spoke to a young thirty year old Greek woman the other day and she told me that she had spent some six months up in Thessaloniki and found it very nice and most importantly the people were very nice, so very friendly and extremely helpful and she thought much more so than Athens.I have heard this from others as well.

Im looking to move in Evia Island... is there anybody from Evia island ?

I can't really judge about that since I've hardly seen anything from Greece. But my boyfriend told me how beautiful Corinth is. I hope he is right cause we will move there next summer ;)

To tell you that you will not be disappointed for Corinth,the area has much to offer.We often go to old Corinth,to the ancient site and pop into a taverna there, where in the summer they have barrel beer.You have Loutraki close by and there you have the council gorgeous new spa waters,it was always there but now refurbished into spa pools,amazing they say and not to forget the lovely sea-fed lake nearby Loutraki,stunning,also with a wonderful ancient site close which drops into a small cove,it was a worship place once and it also has been upgraded making it suitable for wheel chair and buggy access with its new concrete pathway down,a bit of a haul up,strong arms needed.You also have Perahora close to the lake and further on is Pissia,a high mountain village,water running even in August,wonderful Platanos trees,they love water.You can have coffee right at the top and you collect your own water for your table in jugs from that which falls down the mountain.You can boat trip up and the canal,lots to do,I saw they had a Blues concert on in Loutraki the other week.Buses run frequently from Corinth to Loutraki and buses run easy into Athens,they are coaches actually and super comfortable,the drivers dont let passengers eat or make any mess on board.Lots of shops in Corinth and you would love the Old National Road towards Patra,its lovely,the houses are old and so nice,very clean there.So Ive given you the picture,have fun exploring.

Thessaloniki - if yours life is around the sea, food, and cafes, also for people who prefer village atmosphere. Who like concerts, opera, art, and so on - here is VERY boring  :sleep

For me Volos for the tsipouradika, sea and mountains. If you live the relaxed life, you might enjoy it for longer.

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