Any Fil-Ams or Expats in Marikina, Masinag, or Antipolo area?

I know this forum is mostly for expats but I'm not sure what to consider myself as. I'm Filipino but I grew up in Cali and just moved back here 2013 (you can read the rest on my profile). I'm always by myself and I don't know who to trust around here. I thought I made friends in school but turns out they just wanted to use me for money. I would love to hang out, have dinner, or get coffee/drinks sometime around Marikina, Masinag, or Antipolo but if there's no one here then I don't have a problem meeting at BGC/Fort area (just give me time to get there). I don't have a preference for friends; male, female, young, mature, it doesn't matter.  As long as we understand each other and have a good conversation its good enough for me. Hope to hear from someone. Thanks for reading.

PS I'm not an ATM, so please don't expect me to pay for anything.

Lester, its a culture in the country.. If you will show up with your ATM, they would come to you as they think you gonna treat them or you just want to spend... If you will not show your money, real friends who wants you to be a friend with or without money would come to you. Making friends is not just about money but compatibility. If you are compatible, you understand each other with or without money then you are compatible friends.. Keep safe

I live in the area. It's a pretty decent place. Lotsa nice food trip places especially in Marikina. There's lots of pretty decent people here too. Makes me wonder, though - how about meeting friends via your relatives, like via cousins or something? I mean, at least that's kinda safer than just meeting someone randomly, especially if your concern is people using you as an ATM.

I'm more into having (geeky) talk over drinks, mostly in pubs because I can't stand noises in bars. Or walking around Marikina, trying to discover interesting places. It's a decent area, and while it's not California, it has its own interesting character. Hit me up if you want to hang out some time.

And I'm not sure if you know this already, but the local term for "going Dutch" is KKB (Kanya Kanyang Bayad). ;)

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