Do foreign investor require a certificate to invest in Vietnam?

I'm working with a potential business partner in Vietnam and they keep saying that I need to obtain some sort of certificate or permission from the states that I can invest my own money into a business in Vietnam. This is a restaurant business if that makes a difference.

Any help is much appreciated.

Hi, you have to have certificate in restaurant business to do your biz in Vietnam.

or u can hire someone who hold that kind ò certificate

JSuh: you need an investment certificate for a "project" to invest in Vietnam.  Do you have an offshore company or in the US?  There are many ways to structure such an investment into Vietnam both legally and practically speaking.

No, you don't need.

And now comes the part, you will not like:
- Yes, you need to register the business,, same process as registering a company, they likely mean that. You will have to register a company with shared capital.
- Chance's of loosing all investment are well higher, than chances of making a single dollar
- they are even higher, if you not have any family and/or strong proven legal backup.
- Roi is very unlikely

13ully; well said!   Over 2,500 years ago, Socrates said something like those who do not pay attention to the experiences of others - and learn from them, are doomed to repeat the mistakes made.   

The Fool is back?   Nah, just read Neil Hutchison's first book;  'Money Number One'.  Banned in Thailand.   I thought the story of the guy who started a business relevant for j5uh..?

..everything went well, apart from the inevitable spiralling costs involved.  Finally a dinner was held to celebrate the first product delivered.   It was a (small) prawn farm and a friend pointed out the (also small) plate of prawns in front of him had cost him US$150,000.

Shortly thereafter?  I think you already know how the story ends.   But back to the book.

It has had rave reviews, and 'should be compulsory reading' for ANYONE who imagines he can extract ANY profit from ALL South-East Asia countries.   Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam etc.   Many of the stories are quite funny (and sad) but it really opens your eyes to the Asian mindset - and the consequences of not understanding their prime motive.  Number One.

2,500 years has not taught us very much.   I often wonder what Socrates would say now...

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