Anyone looking for work?

Hey all,

I'm currently employed by IBM over here, and we are always looking for people of various backgrounds with various languages to come and join us.
Just drop me a message here if you're looking and I can refer you  :)

Hello Amiee S

You could drop an advert in the Jobs section so that members can more easily stumble on the latter.

Here on the forum, with time, your thread will  go down the page.



Hi there,

Is this you trying to ask me to help you find work in that area, or are you just telling me the name of a place in's hard to tell when you don't use so many words.

Deat amiee,
I am really interested to get a job in Europe, I am aircraft engineer, and would work anything as start coz im chasing my dream of being in Europe to continue my studies.
thank you

Hello Amie

My name is Fabio from Brazil and still living here but I am coming to Slovakia in September.The reason why I want to move there is to be with my long term girlfriend who is Slovak and lives and works there.We have been together for more than 3 years and decided to settle down there.I am fluent in English and Spanish and also of course in my native language Portuguese. I got my languages certificates in Ireland where I lived for almost 6 years and also 3 months in Malta.I had a phone interview with Amazon from Bratislava but I was not selected.I would like to ask you if you could help me to find work in IBM or any other big company there.I would be very thanful if you could help to find a work or give me advice where I can find it.



Any job offers or those who are seeking work please post a free advertisement in the jobs section at the top of this page. better coverage there and will remain current.

The open forum is not the place for such posts as your post will slowly disappear the more people post on the thread.

Still is there requirement in IBM and what are the requirements pls let me know. What perks do they offer.

Richard louis

Hello , my name is bintesh kumar ,i have done b.a. (history , politicals , sociology) . I want to do work . I am fresher for official work but i can do all , if give training . Please tell me , if its possible.
Thank you

Hello Kumar,

Could you please use the appropriate section of the website for your job hunt: Jobs in Slovakia

Thank you


Hi Aimee, I have recently moved to Slovakia (1 hour from Kosice), I have exprience in sales and customer service (but not much of a pc geek). Any chance for me to get a job in IBM in Kosice? Any help much appreciated.

Hi Im currently looking for a work in Slovakia :)

For the 4th time on this topic, job searches should be addressed in the JOBS section of the site.  Please use this resource.

Romaniac Experts Team

Christopher :

Could you please use the appropriate section of the website for your job hunt: Jobs in Slovakia

Thank you


Thank you.

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