Is there any chance to teach german in singapore?

Dear fellow expats,

when i went to Shanghai it was pretty easy for me to find kids and grown ups that wanted to learn german.
How is the situation in Singapore?
Does anyone know if german language teaching is a way to earn some cash?

Thanks for the help <3

Best Wishes



Um unterrichten zu koennen benoetigst du eine Certifikat oder eine Bescheinigung durch das Goethe institut.

…das findest du alles hier:



hi Anja
Where in singapore you stay?
I would like to learn German
Would like to get more details from you
Please contact me ***

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Schoeib :


Um unterrichten zu koennen benoetigst du eine Certifikat oder eine Bescheinigung durch das Goethe institut.

das findest du alles hier:



Shoeib: As this is an English language forum, please do not post in other languages (see forum rules). Thank you!

Xxanyaxx: Unless you are citizen or PR, you are not allowed to do any freelance or part-time work. So you'd need to he full-time hired by a (language) school to be a German teacher and get an EP for that job. Or you do it free of charge as a volunteer.
(Remember: Doing it under the radar might be possible in Shanghai, but Singapore is NOT a place to break any rules!)

Edited to add: I just saw from your older postings that you will come with a Work Hiliday Visa (WHV).
The regulations on MoM's website are not clear on whether the WHV allows freelance or part-time work (and, since the number of such visa are very low, I have not heard of anybody doing it before). Therefore you should ask MoM specifically which kinds of jobs and work arrangements are allowed in your case and which are not.
Please post the results here, so we can all learn from it. Thanks!


i have gotten a response.

"• The WHP holder, LEIDENS ANJA, is permitted to engage in work for the duration of his/her stay in Singapore. However, he/she is not exempted from registration or any other conditions required under the respective professions, for which professional registration to practice in Singapore is a prerequisite (eg. medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, architecture, law etc)."

Only the subjects listed above are not permitted.:)

Kind Regards


This is not the answer you are looking for!
Of course the WHV allows work (except in restricted professions), just lika any other work visa. The question is which contractual arrangements are allowed: Just full-time employed work (like almost all other work visa in Singapore), also part-time employed work (like DP holders with LoC are sometimes permitted), or even freelance, self-employed work (which no other Singapore work visa allows).
You also need to find out which reporting rules are involved: Do you have to get approval from MoM before you start a job (like most other work visa), or just inform them (like the PEP requires), or nothing at all (unlikely, as the Singapore authorities want to control everything).
You also need to find out how taxation works. You're unlikely to get away with no tax at all. Tax rates are low, but with all other work visa the employer has to withhold the last two months pay until the tax matters are cleared. For short-term jobs like you are looking for, this might be a major portion of your overall income and can upset your finances considerably.

I wanted to make this short so i just copy posted part of the letter i have gotten.
Now to the extended answer which to me feels more like justification talking with you.
Dead serious as a german is to be expected i guess. ;-)
Yes of course i have to get approval.
I also need to fill in forms about where i work, under which conditions and if anything is not ike the MoM want it to be - they will simply tell me and i won't do it.

I never had the intention to get away with no tax at all.
Please stop assuming. 
Unlike Germany Singapore is save and green and the state works efficiently.
I would even pay german tax rates over there and still being happy to contribute to functioning policies and forward thinking politicians.
Thanks for the information about the wihtholdment of payment. That is valuable to me.
Nevertheless my focus is not only on working. It is a Work and Holiday Pass i have applied for and i have saved to survive even without income and be able to also travel and get to know Singapore and surrounding places.

Kind Regards


Sorry, but my message was meant as advice, not  asking for justification.
I didn't assume, just gave warnings what to avoid in Singapore. If you already knew this, even better for you!
I also wanted to ask some questions (and get answers from you), so I understand the situation better. I do advice many people on this forum and elsewhere about Singapore work and visa, but the WHV was a black spot for me so far - I have simply never encountered anybody who had one or asked about it. So you can help me and others by posting the details here.

> Unlike Germany Singapore is save and green and the state works efficiently.
This is absolutely true and was one of the reasons I lived there for over 12 years.

Oh i do not have so many details yet either.
And thank you for the advise.
I hope it will get clearer when i get my questions answered by the MoM.
I will keep you posted.
Do you nevertheless have advise on how to find part time work or typical work and travel jobs in singapore?
So far everything i find are normal work positions with which i would hadly have much time to travel.

Kind Regards

Yes, these are the only jobs I have ever heard of, honestly. Part-time or occasional work isn't very common in Singapore.
From what I heard, cram schools are utilizing tuition teachers on a freelance basis usually. Pay and conditions are said to be bad, and I don't know if they need any German language teachers, but it's worth asking.
Also ask at Goethe Institute and the German Club - they won't have a job for you, but might give you useful hints.


thanks beppi, thanks for telling me that conditions are said to be bad with teaching jobs.
I will try to find recruitment or sales work again then. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Perhaps for some who are also reading and are interested in part time or flexible work - here are some links i have found: very well organized website and also possible to find great full time jobs with it. <<< this site is very famous within the backpacker circles in australia - one friend found work for a green company and earned 2500 AUD per week - i haven't tested, if it works as well in singapore. :)
i often listen to american podcasts which a few times refered to craigslist - to be honest at first sight some of the jobs in singapore on this website sound strange and perhaps you must search longer and be careful not to overstep any legal boundaries- but an option nevertheless.

I furthermore was advised to use facebook groups, in which they also recruit for temp or parttime jobs - as well as for full time work.

Warm regards


It might be good to check out some job sites like
or even linkedin

All the best for your search and exploration for now Anja


Hallo Anja!

Sure there are quite a number of people who would love to learn German here in Singapore.
In fact, Singapore has a number of German Language institutions, like Geothe :)
You might want to try searching out the language schools available here, and try to apply.

I hope you find a job soon, and you find a community you'd feel comfortable with.
I just finished one term in Goethe, and I'm not sure if I will continue or take a break first.
But if you feel like hanging out, feel free to message me. :)


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