Job Oppurtunity In Oslo

Hi, I have recently got married and shifted to Oslo in Dec 2015 to accommodate my husbands job here.
I was a working professional with 3+ Year experience in E-commerce Marketing in Pune - India.
Now I am looking for an opportunity to start working again here.

What are the ways for getting job here ?
Do Employee Referral works ?

As long as your husband has the necessary permissions (Visa) you shouldn't have a problem.  Apply to agencies and companies as you would normally.  Go on line or go to the Tax office to get the paperwork to start on obtaining a visa.  Carry your passport you will need this.  Next you will have to go to the Police Station and pay an small fee to get the visa BUT there is no guarantee.  Any questions, please email me back.  Good Luck.


Thanks Nancy.

Visa work is taken care by my husbands company.
I am looking forward for job opportunity right now.

Check all the agencies that surround the large Oil and Gas corporations for they only use agencies.  Check Omega their a big agency and ask for Simon.  Very good and he'll help you to try to obtain work.  Good Luck and enjoy.  Need anything further don't hesitate to ask.

Kind regards,

Welcome to Norway :)

Oh Ok, I will check Omega.
Thanks a lot for assistance.

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Hi Monica,

Thanking for connecting.

I am very basic in Norwegian as I am in learning phase.
Please let me know if you have any kind of profile for me.

Thank you in advance.

Hi all nice to see your comments here, I am looking for some help from all. I am an Indian chartered accountants, with 6+ years of experience. having experience in IFRS reporting, SAP, HFM as well as banking financing etc. Looking for if I can get some opportunity in Norway. Also would like to mention I do not have any visa etc. for this as of now but really looking for.
Go to know about this plce while my short term visit of around 2 months in Copenhagen.

your suggestions would be truly helpful.
Thanks I advance


I am sorry for late reply,

Most of the things are got in place now, enrolled in some volunteer work as well.
But full time job search is still on ....

Thank you for your suggestion and promt reply :)

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