places to visit in lagos

hello. i am trying to compile  comprehensive list of attractions, places to visit etc. so input, information or ideas will be more than appriciated.

it could be the whole of nigeria. i thought since i dont know nigeria that well, why not start on a small scale, than sprawl from there. if you have info about other parts, its more than welcomed. as i will be documenting this. maybe we can work together on this.

Have you tried picking up TimeOut Lagos?  I found it quite useful.

@farrah all of the above and more eg. dining, hiking trails, educational, art gallaries etc. was thinking like a directory book with maps and very brief discriptions of places. i want a very touristy feel about the book. i have no rule going about, just collecting data and open minded. basically i would like to take the hippie approach.
@gotti, no i havent heard of it but will definetly look it up. have you read it? sold world wide?do you know the publisher or author

Hi Azipo, :)

Your topic has been moved on the Lagos forum. It would be great if you could post the places to visit in Lagos on the forum. This would definitely help other members who want to move in Lagos. ;) :)

Thank you and i hope other members will contribute on the list.
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@christine will definetly do that. thank you

Hey Azipo,

I appreciate your effort. I was just looking for some stuff about Nigeria, art galleries, everyday events, theatre, exhibitions, sports and some common places to go around.

Your database idea sounds good and I think whosoever comes across to valuable information that person can share on this forum and we can create a team and can start updating a forum which is Lagos specific.

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Look forward to hear more on this blog.

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hi nka
am open to your suggestion, would love to work with you. info/data on the blog is free anyways. thank you for expressing interest. will fwd some of my ideas.

Websites like that exist and publications like "what's new" in Lagos and "timeout" as well. Timeout is an international publication dedicated to major cities around the globe, sold mainly at airport magazine stands and book shops. Timeout Lagos definitely exists and has a link to the guardian newspaper. There's also a lost in Lagos website and an website with listings.

azipo :

hello. i am trying to compile  comprehensive list of attractions, places to visit etc. so input, information or ideas will be more than appriciated.

hi Azipo! Have you been successful in compiling one such list.
Iam also relocating to Lagos very soon. Your idea of such compiled list would definitely help all new folks like us.
Hope you get successful in completing the list. Will also add to it once Iam there and see lagos ! :)
All the Best!

I have stayed over 2 months in Lagos and I can hardly find anything interesting to do apart from spending some time at the beach. Of course if you are for the clubs and drinking etc, it's available here but I was looking for something of a touristic value or something unique to Lagos but there is hardly any. But today, I found something interesting. It's the fishing on the bridge (on the bridge going from Vic. Isl. to Lagos Isl.) on the west side. Don't know if that will be allowed to the general public by the fisherman who does it for a living but I find it rather enjoyable just to watch them catch many kinds of fish from the creek which seems to be clean. Judging from how easy they can catch the fish and the abundance of fish they caught, I think the creek is not so polluted after all even though many boats ply through them. It is free to watch and you can even buy the freshly caught fish if you like. Furthermore, there is a boat riding activity on the same creek that takes you along the creek to see the city from the sea. Could be nice to do over the weekend with the family. If you guys out there find something else to see and do to spend the time over the weekend, please mention it in this blog.Looking forward to your reply.

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